Monday, January 15, 2018

New Moon in Capricorn: The Climb

New Moon in Capricorn:  The Climb
Moon conjunct Sun @ 8:16pm CST on 1-16-18

“You’re off to Great Places!  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting…so get on your way!” -Dr. Seuss, ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’

Welcome to the start of the Snow Moon phase, which (at its fullness on the 31st) will peak at the first of two Blue Moons this year.  Because of the first full moons of this year being at the beginning and end of January and March, there will be no full moon in February…which is a rare occurrence (happening only once every 19 years:  the last time was in 1999 and the next is in 2037).  But we’ll get into the meaning behind two blue moons at the end of this month.  Right now, let’s focus on the energies we’ll be working with at the beginning of this Snow Moon phase.

As you may know, all of the major planets are direct (as Uranus finished a retrograde on January 2nd and Jupiter’s next retrograde begins on March 8th)…so we have a lot of forward momentum pushing us outwardly in these first months of our year.  In our Northern Hemisphere, this may seem a bit odd.  The dead of winter is often more of a time to go inward…followed by breaking out of our shells into springtime.  It’s the opposite this year…where the energy actually turns more inward as Spring comes along, and we have more work to be done on ourselves.  The Southern Hemisphere, of course, enjoys a summertime of forward movement followed by the inward journey of autumn.  So what do we do with this energy in the North?  Spend this time, and throughout February, taking concrete actions toward your goals for this year.  Then welcome more breaks in the Spring to recharge and really refine what you mean to do for the rest of the year.  Jupiter’s Scorpio Retrograde in early March is the first of many retrograde opportunities for the rest of the year, and his energy shift will turn us toward inner growth and enlightenment as he illuminates and helps us to investigate our depths.  We’ll be needing that in order to prepare for all that’s coming later.

Also, there is still a huge focus on Capricorn energy right now…and will be for a few years actually.  This is the New Moon that can really key us into the Capricorn Mysteries that Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are all currently travelling through.  We’ll need this energy of sustainability and structure as we prepare for 2020’s Capricorn alignments.

Capricorn 27- A Mountain Pilgrimage

The Luminaries bring in this new phase on a degree that really highlights the upward climb to wisdom that Capricorn’s strong and sure-footed energy radiates.  Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in Capricorn now…and their energies can be seen as the parts in each of us that inspired us all to climb this mountain.   Saturn makes the task necessary, Mercury wraps our collective mind around it, Pluto pushes for our transformation, Sun provides our fuel, Moon gives us the emotional need, and Venus shows us the value in the climb. 

Each archetype can also be seen in their highest expression as the Council of Wisdom Keepers we will meet at the mountain peak.  Saturn is the Keeper of Time who teaches, through Time’s limitations and restrictions, how to build a life of integrity and purpose. As Council Historian, Saturn keeps a record of our collective past and gives definition to the rights that must follow wrongs in our society and in ourselves.  Mercury is the Keeper of Language who teaches how to communicate…not just with each other, but also between worlds.  As Council Translator, Mercury connects us to each other through the collective mind and reconnects us with the ‘souls of thought’ which become the ideas we communicate into our world.  Pluto is the Keeper of Occult Knowledge who teaches, through a deep dive below the surface of things, how transformation occurs beyond the veil of our human reality.  As Council Shadow Worker, Pluto reveals the power hidden underneath our fears and rebirths it into our consciousness through a purification process that clarifies the soul’s intent.  Sun is the Keeper of Light who teaches how we can shine in our individuation process.  As Council Light Worker, Sun projects the vital energy that fuels and motivates our survival and self-understanding.  Moon is the Keeper of Intuitive Knowledge who reflects that light of consciousness through our feeling nature.  As Council Empath, Moon connects us with the cosmic womb and our ancestral lineage to provide us with emotional understanding and psychic development.  Venus is the Keeper of Feminine Mysteries who teaches the Heroine’s Journey through the empowerment of our feminine nature.  As Council Relational Guide, Venus connects us to each other through the magnetic force of the heart and harmonizes our embodied souls with the power of love.

And through Capricorn, all of these cosmic sages connect us with our responsibilities as humans on this planet.  Each individual degree activated by these Wisdom Keepers alludes to lessons we are making this pilgrimage to learn.  Saturn starts us off in the ‘a party entering a large canoe’ degree…focusing our energies on getting ‘on board’ with each other to start a journey that leads to the activation of our social responsibilities.  Mercury’s lesson is symbolized by the degree of ‘an angel playing a harp’ which is all about attunement to the messages coming from celestial frequencies.  Pluto is in the ‘a hidden choir singing’ degree which reveals what motivates us toward group transformation and harmony.  The luminaries in this ‘mountain pilgrimage’ degree urge us to climb higher to connect with our own unique experience of the wisdom of our Earth.  And Venus in the ‘a woman reading tea leaves’ degree teaches us the value and meaning behind symbols as they connect with heart-knowing…opening us up to “the relation of everything to everything else” (as Marc Jones once defined astrology).

Additional Energies from Water and Fire

This Circle of Wisdom Keepers who are gathered atop this Capricornian mountain are also being informed and supported by celestial energies in other signs.  Of particular interest, because the aspects literally form a mountain-like triangle of relationship with its peak in Capricorn, is the influence of the celestial bodies in Scorpio and Pisces (water signs in harmonious 60 degree sextiles with some of our Capricorn sages).

Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto, providing an opportunity for enlightenment beyond the veil.  With the Sabian Symbol of ‘a woman draws two dark curtains aside’, Jupiter invites us into the Pluto Mysteries that are often shrouded by fears or other means of obscuring the truth.  Daunting as it often is to shine a light into darkness, Jupiter’s Scorpio gift is to encourage us to face our fears and move past them. 

Mars in Scorpio is in a 120 degree trine with Chiron in Pisces…which forms the two sextiles to the Capricorn Stellium of Sun-Moon-Venus and makes the ‘mountain’ configuration previously mentioned.  Mars’s symbol is ‘an x-ray photograph’ and Chiron’s symbol is ‘a new moon that divides its influence’…both energies providing the emotional (water sign) foundation that draws us to the peak experience of ‘a mountain pilgrimage’.  Mars in Scorpio provides a penetrative look into the structural knowledge of the Capricorn Mysteries (which, in medical astrology rules the bones, among other things)…finding any weak spots that call for reparative action.  This, of course, goes beyond bodily structures and can also be seen in the structures of society that are in need of repair.  Mars provides the desire to pinpoint what needs to be strengthened.  Chiron in Pisces reminds us that this ‘Mountain Pilgrimage’ New Moon is not a one size fits all kind of energy, even though we embark on this pilgrimage together.  The healing journey is an individual experience…and each of us has the opportunity to tap into this New Moon energy to reveal new insights into our own unique experiences.  My piece of the cosmic download may look very different from yours.  And yours may look very different than your loved one’s.  And so on.  But Chiron’s energy in this mix lets us know that this is both a teachable moment as well as a necessary pilgrimage along our individual healing path.  In Pisces, Chiron teaches us to surrender to the holistic experience of this moon phase…a phase that leads up to a rare Blue Moon Total Eclipse at the end of this month.

Also in Pisces, Neptune sextiles Mercury in Capricorn…an opportunistic aspect that will be building in intensity throughout this New Moon week.  Neptune is making a third pass now through Pisces 13…which I covered toward the end of my post on Full Moon in Pisces from September of last year.  

Neptune was conjunct that Full Moon during its retrograde pass through this degree.  That was a tumultuous time of post-eclipse integration last year, you may remember.  Neptune’s waters were certainly flooding our awareness, and our cities, at that time.  Neptune has made a slow trek back through this degree now and builds to a beneficial connection with Mercury in Capricorn to connect the symbols from our collective unconscious to our conscious minds so that we may regain access to the bigger picture.  The Sabian Symbol for Pisces 13 is ‘an ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum’.  Neptune is guiding us now to integrate what we learned about this degree last year…through the powers of resolution and attunement Mercury communicates from the ‘harp’ degree. Neptune here showcases the dynamic ancestral power we carry within our modern walls and display cases.  Similar to the structural power within our physical bodies and societies that Mars examines in Scorpio with ‘x-ray’ vision…we also carry our ancestral power within our physical bodies and societal structures.  Both energies are homing in on the kind of healing needed to re-establish integrity in humanity’s contribution to our world. 

Another energy of note comes from the square to our luminaries activated by the Aries Stellium of Eris-Uranus-Pallas.  This wild card ‘triple-threat’ is still in full effect this month, which I covered in more detail in my New Moon in Sagittarius post last month.
In December, the energy was connected to the New Moon by a flowing and harmonious trine.  This time, the Aries Stellium connects to the New Moon with a dynamic and activating square.  The rebellious, revolutionary warrior/warrioress nature of this stellium pushes against the mountain of Capricorn energy to remind us that, even as we’re receiving great downloads of wisdom about sustainability and structure…it is necessary to take purposeful action in the immediate future as another earth-shaking surprise from left field could happen at any time.  An inconjunct aspect is almost at its peak here between Uranus in Aries and Mars in Scorpio…agitating the incompatible energies to settle for a compromise if they can.  Fortunately, Pallas Athene is a clever strategist and will be in on the negotiations.

From a global view, any manner of what Antero Alli calls ‘outside shocks’ that occur when transpersonal forces are activated can happen.  These experiences, he writes, are “beyond the control and comprehension of the ego” and “trigger growth spurts, inciting new possibilities where previous crystallizations and limitations thwarted our further development”.  With Uranus, such shocks often begin with some form of oppression and lead to freedom.  Mars is zeroing in to find weaknesses in our structural integrity right now so that we will know where to take action before a problem gets fully exacerbated.  And with the weaknesses in our socio-political structures popping up left and right into our awareness, our will to correct things is at a keen focus.  But with these two forces at an inconjunct, we may find that there are blind spots in our collective awareness.  What this might mean on the individual level is that there may be a bit of a shock to our own physical structures in some way this week…and we’ll have to take some necessary action to alleviate the issue.  Go easy on those bones as you climb the mountain.  And maybe…don’t look down until you’re on the return path.  Also, the advice from the Aries Stellium still holds true:  If nothing is going right…go left.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Monday, January 08, 2018

Capricorn Stellium:  Wise Woman in the Heart of the Sun

This phenomenal woman is one of my favorite writers.

As January 8th moves into the 9th (CST), a rare stellium (conjunction of multiple celestial bodies) reaches exaction in Capricorn.  First, just before midnight tonight, Venus makes a superior conjunction to the Sun.  This conjunction is known as Venus Cazimi (Venus ‘in the heart of the Sun’).  When the inner planets are cazimi, their energy is more powerful and very beneficial (though cazimi doesn’t last too long).  I was born with Mercury Cazimi in Aries…and with Mercury being the planet of communication, you might see that writing is almost a necessity for my self-expression.  An example of someone born with Venus Cazimi would be Oprah Winfrey, who has become an extraordinary star among women.  Last night, my daughter and I watched her give a powerful speech at the Golden Globe Awards as she became the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award.  The timing of this moving speech infused these words from a Cazimi Venus powerhouse with the current Cazimi Venus energy we are now feeling.  And a vast audience of people who respect her heart-centered wisdom were listening intently, far and wide.  It’s no wonder that the buzz began almost immediately that she should run for president in 2020.  So many in this country have been hoping for a Woman of Wisdom to step forward as a leader among women who can truly represent them and accurately uphold the voice of the people in our country…and that’s something that Oprah has been doing for decades in her own unique way. 

This current Capricorn energy is the energy of the Wise Woman…the protectress of our next seven generations…the Circle of Grandmothers.  Both Venus and the Sun are meeting up with Pluto in Capricorn on the 9th to create this powerful stellium and begin a new cycle.  With Pluto in the mix, this stellium energy is deeply transformative.  In Capricorn, Pluto has been transforming the structures of our society for a decade now…breaking down what is no longer working so that more sustainable structures may replace it.  This is a slow process, like composting…but it is marked by many instances of drastic transformations (especially during the Uranus-Pluto squares between 2012-2015).  And now, Venus Cazimi is infusing this transformative process with a powerful dose of heart-centered Goddess energy.  She is initiating this Plutonian energy closer to home for us…so close, in fact, that it resonates right in the heart.

Collectively, this is a much-needed maturation point for us…where we have the opportunity to step out of our ‘infancy’ as a human race and start taking on more responsibility together.  The Sabian Symbol for the 19th degree of Capricorn (where Venus Cazimi takes place) is ‘a young child carrying a huge shopping bag’.  This is an energy of accelerated growth…where the child is carrying out responsibilities, even before fully developing, in effort to help out.  Personally, you may not feel ready to be of service in the way that you want to…but situations will still arise to prove to you that you are ready to grow quickly into whatever role is calling you.  Don’t hold yourself back because you don’t have degrees and experience…take on the experience as it comes.  Maybe it’s that you’re afraid to do something on your own.  The truth is, you can.  This is not a time to stay comfortably where we’ve always been operating…it’s a time to break out of routine and try something new.

The Sabian Symbol for Capricorn 20 (where Venus and the Sun meet up with Pluto on the 9th) is ‘a hidden choir singing’.  In many great cathedrals, the choir is hidden behind the altar or above the nave.  It is symbolic of the connection with heaven and the music of the spheres.  Even when we can’t see where the music is coming from that guides us to unity of above and below…we can hear it and, especially, feel it.  As if mirroring this ‘hidden choir’, Venus and Pluto are hidden behind the bright sun at this time…yet still able to move us with powerful music, even more so really.  Sun, Venus, and Pluto in this degree help us to transform from the personal, ego state…through the heart center… into trans-personal harmony, connecting together with voice and breath, in order to find unity and resolution.  Our abilities to ‘listen’ are heightened in this transit…and can clue us in to where we can be a harmonizing influence in a world that has been suffering from the dissonance that follows a disconnection from humanity.

This stellium, on a personal level, may have much to do with transformations within relationships.  Leading up to this cazimi point may have been a bit rocky on the relationship front for many people.  But this cazimi point is an opportunity to make positive transformations of the heart.  It may have little to do with relationships with others…and more to do with your relationship with yourself.  Where ever the energy is directed…welcome the change.  Following this, there may be another few weeks of stumbling integration of this energy…but it will even out and you’ll start noticing how necessary the transformation was, even if it didn’t come easily. 

I’ve been focusing in on this Capricorn Wise Woman energy since Saturn moved into this sign last month…with good reason.  The next two years will be featuring this ‘Circle of Grandmothers’ energy very prominently as we build to conjunctions in 2020 between Pluto and the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, during that time.  The pillars of our society can benefit greatly from this kind of structural boost that will last for many generations to come…that is, if we tap into these opportunities arising and make good use of them.  Wise Women know you must be prepared to put in great effort to overcome the kind of corrupting influences that have plagued our society for far too long.  Such weeds take methodical, hands-in-the-dirt, dedication to uproot…quick fixes aren’t sustainable.  The results of such efforts are the very foundations of healthy growth and prosperity.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Monday, January 01, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer: The Wisdom of Love Beyond Measure

Full Moon in Cancer:  The Wisdom of Love Beyond Measure
Moon opposite Sun @ 8:24pm CST on 1-1-18

“The notion that somehow science and spirituality are mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”- Carl Sagan

Welcome to the Full Wolf Moon on New Year’s Day 2018, an aperture to initiate all we’ve learned from last year!  We are all learning as we go along…so thank you for supporting and encouraging my own musings as we cross paths in this Earthdance.  I support and encourage yours as well!

Speaking of dancing, my family and I have much to celebrate each New Year’s Day now because of our own ‘tiny dancer’, Felix Fawkes Kavi.  It’s his third birthday on the day of this Full Moon!  And like every New Year’s baby, he also holds that ‘old soul’ quality of Father Time…so he teaches us to ‘keep in time’ with the Now, while simultaneously looking to the Past for how we’ve grown and looking forward to the Future for its encouraging potentials.  A Full Moon birthday (which I just had in April 2017) is a solar return year that is integral in a person’s development.  It is one where we look for ways to come into balance with what may at first appear to be two opposite energies.  Our intentions to integrate new wisdom we’ve learned in the previous cycle are amplified, illuminating the fertile ground of the path before us.  And while this is very personally true for our son this year (and all others born on January 1st), a similar feeling is palpable in the air of our Collective Consciousness.  This year is an opportunity for all of humanity to shine, illuminating each of our integral roles within this web of life. 

Many of us use this time to make resolutions each year…sometimes we stick with the goal we set, and other times we veer off on a necessary sidetrack.  Either way, we have an opportunity to learn something new.  This year, though, begins with a ‘super moon’ (Perigee Full Moon)…so resolutions and intentions for 2018 will be energized in this light. 

Kite configuration on a chart wheel
There’s a theme of bridging the things we, as a collective, hold separate.  Spiritual and scientific exploration as a search for truth and meaning is the main theme of the symbols of this full moon, but it stems from how we integrate our experiences of the outer world with the experiences of our inner world. We are balancing within and without, above and below, the transpersonal and the personal, what is beyond our capacity to explain and what we can understand through the measurements of the senses, and the metaphysical interconnectedness of spirit with our own physical action.  These themes are amplified by the trine (harmonious aspect of 120 degrees) between Neptune and Mars…both connected to the luminaries in an aspect pattern called a ‘kite’.  Kite configurations combine the flowing creativity of a Grand Trine (Moon, Mars, and Neptune in the 3 water signs) and the grounding of an oppositional anchor (Sun in earthy Capricorn).  This provides an opportunity (through 60 degree sextiles) to channel that creative flow into a practical outlet. 

Sun in Capricorn 12:  Scientific Evolution into Ecocentricism

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘a student of nature lecturing reveals little-known aspects of life’.  This is the year where we evolve beyond the anthropocentric worldview that has for far too long made the collective mind of humanity consider themselves more important than all else on this planet.  We’re evolving into a more ecocentric worldview where the Earth herself is honored as a living being and we humans are a part of her system along with everything else. Of course, the way I word this makes literal thinkers cringe…but most of us know there is scientific backing to a lot of what is considered ‘woo’.  It does take some research, or perhaps listening to a lecture about it.  One of the most groundbreaking TED talks from the last decade that gives solid reasoning for an ecocentric worldview is from Paul Stammets on the power of mycelium (included below).  Another great mind of the last few decades on the subject of spirituality and science is Fritjof Capra (author of ‘The Tao of Physics’).  You can read more about his ideas in this article, The Relationship Between Science and Spirituality.  

In this year ahead, look for those scientific minds who are taking a middle-ground approach to reaching out to others…as they are the front-runners of the shift we’ll be needing in these next couple of years.  Keep sharing their findings, as well as your own.  Revelations about the wonders of nature, whether coming from a scientific point of view or a spiritual one (or both), have the opportunity to reach more people this year.  One of the main reasons why both of these ‘searches for truth’ are overlooked…besides the obvious distractibility of our culture…is that Science and Spirituality both have to break free of some of the trappings of ‘religion’.  For example, if you listen to the TED talk below…notice how many times you feel a bit lost because you don’t know what this term or that term means, or the graphs used don’t make much sense because you haven’t studied them your whole life as he has.  I know many of you have a similar feeling when reading my blog (if you’re like my husband, you’ve likely grown accustomed to skimming over the technical jargon anyway).  The point of both sharings is to connect on some level so that the reader or listener gets something that is useful knowledge to them and helps them to expand their mind and worldview.  Not everyone is going to get everything, that’s not the point.  And the point is not that one person has superior knowledge over the other either.  The point is, in both cases, to provide some practical applications of whatever revelations have come to you through your own search for truth…something that others can use in their own life.  Often, the best way to do this is to be a living example.

Moon in Cancer 12:  Spiritual Revelation of Integral Consciousness

'Nursing' by Alex Grey
The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘a woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher’.  There is a symbolic nod, here, to how each new Dalai Lama is found…but there is something beyond religion about this degree that is often overlooked.  It is the bond of connection between mother and child.  The tendency is to focus on the child who is born with so much potential, but the woman represents the creative shakti.  This is the divine feminine energy from which everything comes, the dynamic source in all life that Ram Dass explains as ‘finer than quanta of energy in physical, scientific realms’.  The baby is nursing directly from that source through his mother…but there is even more beyond this great mental potential of the baby and the great physical power of the mother that makes this spiritual revelation so powerful.  It is, as my title suggests, a love beyond measure that creates the peak experience in this symbol.  A great mind and a powerful body need a third aspect that bridges them into balance…an open heart.  I have brought up the amazing power of the heart before…with energetic fields that can expand well beyond our bodies and brain capacity.  For more information on this, the Heartmath Institute is doing some amazing studies.  

If we respond to any part of the energetic messages of this New Year’s Super Moon of 2018…may we do it with an open heart, a sound mind, and a healthy body.  Keep in mind that Eris and Uranus are a powerful dynamic in Aries right now, both stationing to shift directions to start up January with a bang.  Exciting new things come along with this energy, and the surprises can go either way (both planetary energies have a way of ‘shocking the squares’, as the late great Hippie Bill “The Truth” Hertz used to say…a nod to our friend who passed away on New Years Day of 2012). 

So if some chaos is coming up for you right now in any form, it’s not some cosmic joke being played on you…it’s downright purposeful to graduate you to a higher expression of Self.  Purpose is integral now…and everyone’s either searching for it or activating it.  The key is to trust that your purpose is actually your guiding force this year, and for years to come.  You don’t have to define it…there’s no scientific equation that can measure it for you.  Just love YOU as you go along…cultivate a love that is beyond measure…and follow where your heart takes you on this Earthdance.  May your mind find peace, may your body become healthier, and may your love radiate from an open heart in everything you do this year!

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

PS- I wanted to include some specific examples of Spirituality and Science working in tandem, so I asked the lovely Sandra Ingerman for more information on some of the shamanic healing experiments she has been doing with groups over the years.  The scientific results of what we can do with our love and intentions are amazing.  You can find her experiments through this link to Sandra Ingerman's webpage.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Saturn in Capricorn:  Establishing Sustainable Earth 

Saturn in Capricorn:  Establishing Sustainable Earth 
(December 2017 through March 2020)

"When sleeping women wake, mountains move." -Chinese Proverb

Tonight, Saturn moved into the earth sign of Capricorn. Saturn's last ingress into Capricorn was in 1988, so a look back through 1988-1991 can give some clues about important societal structures rising and falling from now until 2020. Essentially, Saturn in Capricorn inclines stability and what is unstable often crumbles and gets replaced with something more sustainable in these years. For example: Apartheid started to be dismantled, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union gave way to many countries establishing independence. Examples of societies thriving with enduring creations would be that the US birth rate increased dramatically in the late 80s, the Channel Tunnel was established between the UK and the European mainland, and South Korea established their 6th Republic which remains today. Interestingly, South Korea held the Olympics in 1988...and will host them again next year (though ticket sales are slow this go around and negotiations are still being made to keep things safe with North Korea). I mention this, specifically, because things that begin in this cycle often come back around in important historical events. We'll see how revisiting such world events from the last cycle plays out this time around.  

Societal response to all of these structural changes, I believe, is what makes a difference in Saturn cycles. Saturn in Capricorn is ultimately a wise and earthy influence. It seems the US (where I live) could use a bit more of that energy. Saturn's lesson here is that when we, the people, stand up together and embrace our authority (demanding what is sustainable and challenging what is not) we can hold the ancestral earth energy of The Circle of Grandmothers...a necessary, stabilizing, Saturnian influence that was completely disregarded and left out of all that our Founding Fathers borrowed from the Iroquois Confederation.

Everything that happens here, from now until the next couple of years, is best informed by such ancestral wisdom coming alive in the people. We will be challenged to reach down to the roots of our land and nurture the resurgence of such elder wisdom. What we are building to now (as Saturn is the Master Builder energy) is the Capricorn power alignments of 2020 when Pluto and Saturn are joined by Jupiter in this sign and begin new societal and generational cycles.  What is earth-centered and sustainable can really have a chance to thrive in these next couple of years, as this ancestral wisdom means to seed the beginnings of generations to come and protect them from corrupting influences. Of course, Saturn demands that we work for it.  Saturn initiations are not known for taking us down the easy path.  And with Pluto, large-scale transformations are involved within corrupted structures (as we have been witnessing since 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn).  With Jupiter, growth and expansion comes into play…and if used wisely, as Capricorn urges us to do, can bring abundance and prosperity to where it is needed most. 

In 1988, it was Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn that were powerful players along with Saturn.  Shadows certainly come along with such a heavy concentration of planets in a stellium.  So we, as a society, fell victim to some enduring structures that were destructive. For one example...crack and Prozac were both introduced in that time to a society that was overly depressed and cracking under the pressure. Things can get heavy under so much Saturnian weight being thrown around by people wielding power over others...and the new quick-fix (Uranus) can lead to addiction (Neptune).  The patriarchy itself has often been attached to Capricorn's shadow…and dominance is often implemented to force success (especially at the expense of all those who are stepped on in attempt to claim ‘King of the Mountain’). 

But this Saturn in Capricorn time is meant to be a reclaiming, redefining, and re-membering of the higher vibrations of this energy. Keywords and phrases to keep in mind for the coming years are:  sturdy foundations, rock solid, dedicated effort, sustainable earth, enduring structures, integrity, ancestral and elder wisdom, wise women, earth connection, the Builder archetype, and ‘slow and steady wins the race’. 

Remember that the time is here, and we are the ones…no more waiting.  May this ancestral remembrance be infused into all of us in this cycle. And may the Earth feel our growing reconnection to Her.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Moon in Sagittarius:  Carve Your Own Path

New Moon in Sagittarius:  Carve Your Own Path
Moon conjunct Sun- 12-18-17 @ 12:30am CST

As the Cold Moon phase begins, we have had a few opportunities to clear some cobwebs from our past. We may have uncovered things we had forgotten about, or even discovered hidden gems that never caught our mind’s eye until we dusted the shelves of memory.  As we approach the closing of the ‘time which is no time’ between Samhain and Yule, there has been a “house cleansing” within our body, heart, and mind.  Were we conscious of it?  Did we direct the energies and clear our path with each push, pull, or flow?  Or was it unconscious?  There certainly was enough Neptune energy to have it go either way. 

Personally, I experienced a lot of inward observation…the kind that makes you still yourself and pay attention.  Going deeply inward was a necessity for me.  Planetary transits calling me up to make plans left and right…yet I discovered the work was within.  As much as I keep looking up at the stars, I am no stranger to the inward journey…and I know the call.  My own Soul Story has a lot of retrograde (inner) expression.  It’s fairly common to be born with 2 or 3 planets in retrograde.  It’s very few of us that are born when 6 planets are in retrograde, though.  That’s the path my soul chose…Mars through Pluto…6 retrograde expressions to sift through within me.  One of my retrograde planets, Neptune, is in this very New Moon degree of Sagittarius.  Another transit activating me in a season that is known to freeze.  My own Neptune expression has always been a bit nebulous in my own attempts to put my finger on it, and admittedly confusing, at times, to others.  So in writing about the New Moon in this degree, I am simultaneously working with my own Neptune energy.  The creative process often has good results even with energy that tends to be boundless as the ocean.  You are welcome to board this boat with me, as we are all experiencing this Sagittarian Vision Quest together.

'Party Boat to Atlantis' by Michael Pukac

New Moon in Sagittarius 27:  A Sculptor at Work

"I saw an angel in the marble and carved until
I set him free." -Michaelangelo
Our luminaries are illuminating the work of the Sculptor…one who flows with higher mind inspiration and creates it in form.  It becomes tangible ‘inform’ation through the sculptor’s hands…something humanity can better grasp in each finished work.  Sculpture often begins with a vision (as Michaelangelo alluded to in his quote on the left)...and is then carefully revealed by the sculptor through a tangible medium.  This new moon is the start of a creative process.  It will take on many different forms for all of us.  If you know what house this New Moon is transiting in your chart, you can find clues to where and how it might be expressed.  Some of the key phrases that are coming up for me in this process are “sculpt your vision”, “build a bridge”, “connect with and serve humanity through creative inspiration”, “find purpose through the journey”, and “your future is in your hands”.  With the materials available to us now, we have the opportunity to give shape to something meaningful to us.  The storyline of this Sagittarian tale is quite like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story.  The Luminaries urge us to choose wisely.

Sagittarius Stellium trine Aries Stellium:  Flow of Creative and Spiritual Fire

There is more to this story.  The focus, at this new moon, is on two powerful stelliums (conjunctions of multiple celestial bodies) in fire signs.  The Sun and Moon in Sagittarius are joined by Venus, Eros, and Saturn.  When I look at synastry charts (comparing two or more charts to see the dynamics of a relationship), Saturn, Venus, and Eros all have some relevance in the relationship realm.  So this powerful grouping in Sagittarius may have much to do with the journey we are on in our intimate partnerships.

Venus Felix (with her son, Cupid)
Venus and Eros (Mother and Son, Goddess and God of Love and Intimacy in the Greco-Roman pantheon) are bringing these values into play within this alignment.  The arrow of Sagittarius, the Archer, aligns in Cupid's bow, directing our desires toward what we undeniably love.  And Saturn (who teaches the importance of structure and stability in our society) brings in the element of commitment and endurance in dedicated effort.  In Sagittarius, this stellium focuses power within the realm of higher mind pursuits, broadening our horizons, and expanding our knowledge through new experiences.  One expression of such expansive experience is in exploring intimate relationships.  For those in committed intimate relationships, this energy can help you envision your future together and direct your sacred flames toward shared creative and explorative pursuits.  There is a rekindling of passion here that should not be taken for granted, and is best expressed through creative and spiritual pursuit of truth.  For those not in an intimate relationship, this is very good initiatory energy if you are seeking a partner on your quest through life.

In a trine (harmonious aspect of creative flow) to the Sagittarius Stellium, is an Aries Stellium between Eris, Uranus, and Pallas.  We know Uranus as the Revolutionary Rebel and Inspirational Innovator of the Cosmos, whose been blazing trails and initiating shocking changes in Aries for about 7 years already (moving into Taurus in March of 2018). 

Pallas, an asteroid named for Pallas Athene (Goddess of Wisdom), stations direct on Sunday (12-17)…pausing to choose from her many options in moving forward.  Her energy is that of the Strategist and Problem-Solver.  Her sacred animal, the Owl, views things from all angles with clear insight.  Warrior Princess that she is, Pallas wins a battle by clearing the obstacles from her path…not by heading into hasty confrontation with them, but by seeing a few steps ahead and deciding the best way to maneuver around any traps.  Her pauses, much like Mercury’s (who is stationing direct on the 22nd), incline us to really wrap our heads around what we’re experiencing…and to learn valuable information during the retrograde period that we may have otherwise overlooked. 

Eris and her moon, Dysnomia
Eris is the lesser explored of the three in this stellium.  This is because she was only discovered in 2005, named in 2006 (a period of time that spans the conception and eventual birth of my firstborn child, Alyrica Rayven…and she certainly aligns with the archetype expressed here in many ways).  The discovery of Eris (as well as the surprise conception of my own daughter at that time), came with a bit of a shock.  A new celestial body that is 27% more massive than Pluto…is she our tenth planet?  In the deliberation period, names were considered.  The discoverer, Mike Brown, nicknamed her Xena (as in, the Warrior Princess) and was kind enough to write down the exact time of discovery with a respectful nod to astrologers worldwide (a ‘sign of the times’ which is truly appreciated in the astrological community).  Another name proposed was Persephone, for her relationship to Pluto.  Finally, she was officially declared Eris.  At the same time, she was given ‘dwarf planet’ status and so was Pluto.  If you follow the mythology of these deities, you know that not inviting the Goddess of Chaos, Discord, and Strife to a party is a recipe for retaliatory disaster (disaster literally means ‘malefic star’).  A modern example of this myth is in characters such as Maleficent (the uninvited fairy who cursed Sleeping Beauty and the kingdom that shunned her).  But Eris’s vengeance was said to be responsible for the Trojan War as well…when she wasn’t invited to Paris’s party, she threw in the ‘Apple of Discord’ that said “to the fairest” amongst the Goddesses who were invited.  Paris chose Aphrodite as the fairest of them all, as she promised him the woman his heart desires…which was Helen of Troy (who also has been blamed as the reason for the Trojan War).  If there’s one thing that is clear about the energy behind the naming of the planet Eris, it’s that she better be invited and welcomed to the planetary party!  But no…demoted to dwarf status before she could even get a foot in the door.

Needless to say perhaps, Eris is the tenth planet in my book…and Pluto is still as powerful a planet as ever.  Eris was conjunct my Sun-Mercury in Aries when I was born…so I have a stellium connection to this planet as well.  She’s invited to my party...sometimes she's even the hostess.

'La Discordia'
Her energy carries the triplicity of Xena-Persephone-Eris…so there are archetypal themes such as the Warrioress as well as the powerful female who endures disempowering mistreatment and keeps rising up to prove her worth.  There are other astrologers following her energetic inclinations since her discovery, but if you are interested in learning more…I suggest looking up Henry Seltzer and reading his book ‘The Tenth Planet’.  His ideas on Eris’s importance to humanity are well-researched and enlightening.  I agree with his description of Eris as the Warrioress energy of revealing one’s soul purpose…and creating discord and strife when we do not pursue such aims and succumb to disempowerment instead.  Champion of the downtrodden, she will force you back up and make you fight for what you believe in.

This powerful planet is more slow-moving than Pluto, and her many stations (pauses to shift retrograde or direct) are a concentration of her energy...and she happens to be stationary in 23 Aries in the first month of 2018.  ‘Embrace my soul’s purpose’ may be a good priority to choose while considering New Year’s Resolutions.  Don’t be afraid of a little chaos in your year ahead.  Eris was sister to Ares (Mars), and followed him into battle.  Chaos is known to follow war.  In a similar but higher expression of these energies, victory in ‘battle’ comes from aligning Will and Force (Mars) with Empowered Purpose (Eris).

So in this Aries Stellium, Uranus is encouraging rebellion and revolution flanked by the Warrioress energies of Pallas and Eris.  They remind us that when it seems nothing is going right...go left.  On a global scale, we’ll see people fighting back in purposeful ways against oppressive and obsolete forces.  We may also see remarkable innovations introduced into our collective consciousness that will be a necessary ‘win’ for humanity.  And still some will be experiencing the turbulent chaos that comes with unexpected change.  On a personal scale, if we tap into this creative fire energy and activate it within our own lives…we may very well discover an ingenious new direction in our path that will better manifest our purpose in life, and within humanity’s larger storyline.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Full Moon in Gemini during Mercury’s Retrograde Station:  Time Out!  Take a Breather.  Rediscover Your Inner Strength.

Isa:  The Rune of Ice, Standstill, and Shifting Inward
Full Moon in Gemini during Mercury’s Retrograde Station:  Time Out!  Take a Breather.  Rediscover Your Inner Strength.
Mercury retrograde pre-shadow began:  11-14-17
Mercury stations retrograde:  12-3-17 @ 1:34am CST
Moon opposite Sun: 12-3-17 @ 9:46am CST
Mercury stations direct: 12-22-17 @ 7:51pm CST
Mercury retrograde post-shadow release: 1-10-18

If the Mercury Retrograde of August this year taught us anything (and I hope it taught us much more), it’s that sometimes slowing down to a full halt, consciously assessing the magnitude of what’s transpiring, and then going backward and inward to revise our thoughts and feelings is periodically necessary.  Those key periods for ‘dropping in’ to new realms of thought, retrieving what you were missing while racing to your goals, happen three to four times a year during Mercury Retrograde.  Of course, such things can happen at other times, and our personal transits reflect that, but these retrogrades are like guided journeys for the collective mind.  Here, we all contribute to the reshaping of global thought. 

We notice the energy shift mainly at each Mercury station (when Mercury pauses, from our view anyway, and changes direction).  But Mercury tries to mentally prepare us for the journey ahead of the initial shift of perception…during the ‘shadow period’ which began on November 14th this time.  Not all of us consciously tune in to the prep period of course, so we often find ourselves discombobulated for a time until we allow ourselves to adjust to the energy.  This is why Mercury Retrogrades get blamed for Murphy’s Law (“whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”)…when often it’s still human error or out-of-sync timing with others.

Mercury Stations Retrograde in Sagittarius 30

Mercury shifts into retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius, a few hours before the Full Moon is exact.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘The Pope, blessing the faithful’.  Though this whole retrograde journey really focuses on our religious and spiritual beliefs, as Sagittarian energy is about such bigger picture quests, this particular degree’s symbol also goes beyond the leader of the Catholic Church and represents any human who leads others and becomes a symbol for the cause.  Some do it well, and some do it terribly…as we’ve been noticing.  In fact, symbols themselves are of particular focus in this retrograde because Mercury’s direct station degree is in Sagittarius 14.  The Sabian symbol there is ‘The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx’…representing enduring symbols of spiritual wisdom that date back to ages before the church.  So, Mercury essentially hovers there on the degree of religious authority that pervades the Piscean Age that we are moving beyond into the Age of Aquarius…travels back to the degree of ancient spiritual symbols from Egypt that represented the spiritual evolution from the Age of Leo through the Age of Taurus…and then goes forward again (usually with many of us picking up some necessary information for the collective).  So we’re examining traditions, beliefs, values…yet Mercury is aware that the spiritual practices of our age aren’t really connecting us to the root of what we need at this time.  He takes us back farther through our spiritual ancestry and gets us closer to a place of foundational wisdom with which we can rebuild upon.  This has been a theme, restructuring upon enduring foundations and receiving wisdom from our ancestors, as Mercury aligned with Saturn at Galactic Center…though Saturn has been building those foundational connections all year.  So Mercury means to take us on a deeper dive into the Mysteries of our spiritual ancestry this month…to retrieve some important knowledge before he moves the collective mind into Capricorn territory. 

Moon in Gemini 12

Shortly after Mercury stations retrograde, the Long Nights Moon reaches fullness.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is “a slave girl demanding her rights”.  This particular symbol has a few different renditions…like ‘a black girl fighting for independence in the city’, as well as the original 1925 wording in reference to ‘Topsy’, from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, ‘asserting herself’.  The key here is asserting yourself in new situations that are more open to necessary change than what your past allowed.  This character’s past was terribly rough…and though her new situation was less violent and subjugating, the prejudices of the past followed this character to her new environment…as she accepted them as truths as well.  Her saving grace, as it is with all of us, was love.  That was all she needed to finally understand her own worth.  And her life changed because of the acceptance she received from another.  This degree has to do with clearing out the ghosts of past beliefs and judgments and standing strong in your authentic truth…the freedom that follows is a story of transformation.  So this moon may have us struggling between the self-limiting thoughts about ourselves that were part of our past conditioning and the diamond in the rough of who we really are and how we should be treated.  It may also bring race relations strongly to the fore...where love, friendship, and acceptance will continue to assert itself over antiquated beliefs of any skin color being better than another.

Sun in Sagittarius 12

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “a flag turns into an eagle that turns into a Chanticleer saluting the dawn”.  This symbol has very American undertones, which is no surprise as they were channeled by an American clairvoyant (Elsie Wheeler).  The keynote in this symbol is the transformation that occurs from a symbol or idea into a realization and manifestation.  The flag is a symbol of a nation and its ideals.  The eagle is also a symbol for the USA…indicating ideals of freedom as well as soaring to the highest heights.  The eagle soars so high that it can see the sun first as it rises.  Likewise, the Chanticleer (rooster) heralds the dawn of each new day by crowing at daybreak.  All of these images together represent the idea that each day carries the potential for another rebirth of consciousness.  The connection between these symbols is that ‘assertion’ theme as well as the transformation we undergo as we reach higher states of freedom.  There is also the shadow correlation to the Moon’s degree that relates to seeing others as being less than ourselves…where national pride resonates as just another prejudice of the privileged.  The opposition between these symbols is that here we are focused on the need for ‘peak experiences’ to bring transformation…while the Moon’s degree identifies with the struggle of reality when trying to rise up and speak out.  It is easier for the flag/eagle/rooster type to be accepted with notoriety and a resonant voice than it is for the girl whose been oppressed her whole life to find her voice and be heard…but she will be finding her own flag to raise, her own wings to soar, and her own wake-up call to sound.

The Music of the Spheres

There are so many other energies at play during this time that I will have to just list them so I don’t write a book about this lunation.  There are two other influences that are very important right now…which also featured strongly since the last full moon.  First, Neptune is in a harsh T-square pattern with our luminaries now…which continues to heighten both the confusion that’s been apparent for over a month now as well as an otherworldly and spiritual emphasis.  Any of the stress this opposition of the luminaries inclines in our human experience is pooled and pressured into Neptunian energies…so some may feel like they're drowning in energies they can’t even put their finger on, while others may cling to escapism and their addictions to deal, and still others might be able to catch the wave of spirituality and creativity that keeps them afloat in uncertain times.  The other main energy is that Mercury isn’t the only one who’s at a standstill during this full moon…so is Chiron, who stations direct on the 5th.  This is a time when old wounds can be deeply addressed and purified. 
Both Neptune and Chiron were featured in the same degrees as now toward the end of my Full Moon in Taurus post…so if you need a refresher on these degrees of ‘examination’ and ‘purification’, feel free to re-read those paragraphs.  A Mercury Retrograde is always a good time to re-read things, after all.  Also, in the same post, you can find that the Sun was in Scorpio 12 where Jupiter is now…so the ‘official embassy ball’ symbol applies again because Jupiter is making a harmonious trine aspect to Neptune now as well as uncomfortable ‘growth aspects’ to the luminaries…facilitating an amplification of what Neptune is dishing out while widening the feeling of disconnection with the energies of the luminaries.  Ultimately, Jupiter is pushing for integration of the balance between these forces, though it may feel more like a tug-o-war at first.  
Another energy still looming, as it reached exaction just yesterday (12-1), is the opposition between Mars and Uranus Retrograde.  This combination is often an accident-prone kind of energy…especially when rage or forcefulness is involved.  However, Mercury and Saturn are making harmonious aspects to it…which give a healthy outlet for the energy to become more balanced through mature communication.  Still, stationary Chiron is also tangled up in it all with not so harmonious aspects…so these energies may exacerbate the wounds we are trying to heal. 

There’s not really any energy sitting out during this lunation.  Pluto has been tangled up with the Moon’s nodes all week (making uncomfortable transformation a karmic necessity), and even Venus (who recently entered Sagittarius and is least influential right now) is still gearing up for her harsh square with Neptune a week from now…where confusion or deception in relationships may come to a head.  The trick is to surrender to where this Mercury Retrograde is leading you…as that is the underlying energy of guidance right now.  Each delay, setback, scheduling snafu, mechanical failure, communication breakdown…instead of allowing your impatience and irritation to set the tone of misunderstanding, allow for the understanding that there is a reason behind things not going according to plan.  Instead of seeing all of the obstacles that are put in your path, understand that they may be the very things that clear the obstacles within you so that you will actually take some time to go inward and find what you need first before going ahead.  Take a time out.  And just breathe through it. 

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi