Saturday, April 28, 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio: Focused Forces

Full Moon in Scorpio: Focused Forces

Moon opposite Sun @ 7:57pm CDT on 4-29-18

Welcome to the Wind Moon in full! Isn’t she beautiful and powerful?! Soak her in this weekend. She comes bearing gifts.

I was born under a Scorpio Moon myself, so I especially love this full moon each year. It resonates with the depths of our feelings, so it’s not for everyone. But it holds the power to transform...and to create a focus of life force energy on those seed intentions we planted at the New Moon in Aries mid-month.

This Full Moon illuminating the Taurus-Scorpio axis can highlight the extremes of our sensory and extrasensory experiences, the physical and the metaphysical, the pleasure and the pain, the growth and the plunge, as well as the power within us and the power we interact with beyond ourselves. With any opposition (as every full moon is), we are meant to find the balance within opposing forces. Sun in Taurus wants to create growth and Moon in Scorpio wants to create depth...but they each want to create, and they each tend to do it in an involutionary way. What are you creating within you in this moon phase? Something transformative is happening under the surface. It’s a good time to re-enliven these creations now in whatever way resonates. This is also a good time to trust and create balance between your physical body and your intuitive body. This luminary opposition can aid in dropping into where we can really listen to that still voice inside of us that empowers us along our soul’s journey.

What was planted on 4-15 has now come to flower. Taurus Sun reminds us to ‘stop and smell the roses’ while Scorpio Moon reminds us to water them with care.

Moon in Scorpio 10: “a fellowship supper”

The soulful act of sharing life experiences with others is at the core of Scorpio medicine. Human bonds are created and relationships are strengthened when we come together to support a common goal. We join forces and create something that forever connects us. And then, we celebrate! There may be a desire to commune with others this weekend and create a shared experience. My daughter will be singing ‘Just Around the Riverbend’ from Disney’s Pocahontas at her recital just before the Full Moon, so there will probably be a celebratory family supper afterwards...which is almost a literal translation of the Sabian Symbol for this degree. Whoever you’re with at the time of the full moon (even if it’s just you), celebrate the support you’ve given each other (or yourself) in manifesting your goals…and you’ll be tapping into the fortifying power of this full moon!

Sun in Taurus 10: “a red cross nurse”

Taurus-like as a celebratory feast sounds, a fearless nurse compelled to heal those who are on the edge sounds very Scorpio-like. In an opposition, after all, we are meant to find the balance in opposites. At the time that Elsie Wheeler channeled the Sabian Symbols (1925), the symbol of the Red Cross Nurse was one of feminine heroism...taking care of soldiers and veterans, aiding the diseased, and providing relief during disasters. Taurus is a productive energy that uses resources wisely to provide something of value to the world. Compassionate and altruistic as the symbol is, it is also an image of ‘doing what needs to be done’ which resonates as a Taurus motto. As Virginia Henderson has said of nurses: “The nurse is temporarily the consciousness of the unconscious, the love of life for the suicidal, the leg of the amputee, the eyes of the newly blind, a means of locomotion for the infant, the knowledge and confidence of the young mother, and a voice for those too weak to speak.” Within this quote, we can recognize the vital nature of Taurus as the first sign of physical matter. With this earth energy, we use the resources we have to create what is needed. This weekend, we may find that we have something we can use to support another who needs it.

Luminary/Nodal Fixed Grand Cross

While the luminaries highlight the Taurus-Scorpio axis, they are dynamically linked at this time in 90 degree aspects (aka. Squares) by the North and South Lunar Nodes on the Leo-Aquarius axis. These four signs are known as the fixed signs. So, together, they create an aspect pattern called the Fixed Grand Cross. A grand cross is a geometric structure that forms a full square pattern with two oppositions crossing in the center. There is tension pulling from four corners, which creates a need for action to alleviate the stress of the squares and balance between the two oppositions. While this pattern is challenging, there is a center point to it that (when balanced) can be very productive and structurally sound for moving forward with things. With a fixed grand cross in particular, when it is out of balance (one corner is pulling too much focus away from the others), it can feel like a wheel that’s stuck in the mud. At some point, something’s gotta give...and then the wheel can get moving in our lives. If you were born with a Fixed Grand Cross, as my daughter was, then you likely come across many instances in life where you get yourself ‘stuck’ and are unable to move until you find your balance again. In early life, these are frustrating lessons until you build up an understanding of your own self-worth and personal power later on...then you can use the structure of the cross in balance to become a very productive finisher of life’s many tasks. Even if you don’t have a Fixed Grand Cross in your natal chart, this Full Moon is likely to make you feel what that is like. If you feel stuck and frustrated, check your self-talk about your may be the one who is actually disempowering yourself or holding yourself back. Feel pulled in multiple directions? Where can you strike a balance? The challenge here comes from resistance to necessary change. But under a Scorpio Moon, transformation is always in the if you allow yourself to adapt to change and trust that everything will work out as it needs to, you can tap into some powerful momentum pushing you through the rest of this moon phase. When the lunar nodes are involved in such a configuration, fate is often at hand. Ceres, the dwarf planet named after the nurturing mother goddess, is also conjunct the North Node in she’s reminding us to make sure we are taking good care of ourselves at this time. Before we set off to do whatever our Full Moon experience is, Ceres says “Here, I packed you a healthy meal in case you expend too much energy...and here’s a jacket in case the wind picks up...and don’t forget your boots just in case you run into some mud. Now go play nice with your friends!”

Saturn Support

It’s always nice to have a good outlet for the tense energy contained within the Grand Cross. Saturn, the planet that rules supportive structures, is in a sextile (60 degree aspect of opportunity) with the Moon and a trine (120 degree aspect of harmony) with the Sun. Saturn is retrograde in the 10th degree of Capricorn, where the Sabian Symbol is ‘an albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor’. Here’s another nurturing influence...but one that is different from that of Ceres in Leo. Saturn here provides us an opportunity to cultivate trust by approaching the unknown with more confidence than we might otherwise have. Of course, we have to take the opportunity by our own volition...and perhaps allow ourselves to be vulnerable while facing some fears. Saturn reminds us that the rewards for our effort are worth it. In Capricorn, he’s providing us with nutrients from the earth for what we’re growing in this moon phase. And through his retrograde, he is re-boosting our roots and our structures that uphold our integrity.

Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chiron in Aries: Heal Thyself

Chiron in Aries:  Heal Thyself
Chiron’s Aries Ingress @ 3:10am on 4/17/18

Chiron is like the Shaman of our Cosmic Neighborhood.  With an irregular orbit between Saturn (our last visible planet) and Uranus (our first transpersonal planet), Chiron travels between our experience of ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality.  In our chart, Chiron can represent both the original wound we carry as well as the medicine gift we find from the healing path of that wound.  And though the wound and the gift express differently (and at different stages) for everyone, Chiron always comes back around to where he was when you were born right around the age of 50.  During the Chiron Return, we may experience a healing crisis…or we may experience it as an initiation of the healer/teacher archetype within. 
Because of Chiron’s irregular orbit, it also spends more time (8 to 9 years) in Pisces and Aries than the rest of the signs.  Though Chiron is moving out of Pisces now (after travelling through that last sign of the zodiac since 2010), Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces one last time between September 2018 and February 2019.  So the next 5 months will be an introduction to the Chiron in Aries lessons we will be activating for the next 9 years. 
However, if you were born between 1969 and 1977, some of the Aries themes Chiron will be bringing up to the collective now are already part of your life experience as that was the last time Chiron was in Aries.  Within the next 9 years, you will be experiencing your Chiron Return and, hopefully, choosing the healing path that leads you into a fuller expression of the gift within your wounds.
As Aries is the beginning of our zodiac, signified by the point in the sky where our Sun is at the Vernal Equinox point, the Aries wound often has to do with birth and identity of self.  ‘Who am I?” and “Why was I born?” are questions that may bring up feelings of inadequacy or pain when Chiron’s lessons teach us about the Aries wound to be healed.  This wound can have many expressions…it might just turn our focus to others to escape ourselves, or it could express as bravado and hubris to mask the feeling of purposelessness.  The healing path here, though, is about returning to our own Divine Spark…our individual gifts and self-realizations.  Chiron spends so much time focused on Aries because it is one of the most difficult gifts for us Earthlings to express in healthy ways…the gift of being who we were born to be.  After all, being human is a difficult process with so many confusions along the path.  There’s no instruction manual.  Most of us are winging it. 
But, we do have guides along the way…and astrology connects us with such archetypal teachers as Chiron.  Interestingly, this half-animal/half-God centaur archetype understands the dualities of human nature and holds the key to discovering the gift that humanity has to offer.  And though nobody really likes to face their own wounds as part of gaining this key understanding, Chiron is a patient and benevolent guide.
In these next nine years, we will see much more need for self-love and self-healing. We will likely, by the end of Chiron’s journey through Aries, see many more healers arise to shine their own unique medicine.  Allow your own healer within to be your guide in the coming years, as each of us holds our own keys to our individual healing process.

Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi

Chiron's glyph...representing the key to our healing

 P.S.  To discover more about Chiron's mythic storyline, insight into natal chart placement, as well as a bit about the Chiron in Pisces journey were wrapping up at the end of this year and beginning of the can read my post from last year called Chiron the Wounded Healer

Friday, March 30, 2018

Full Moon in Libra: Relating Under the Pressure of Performance

Full Moon in Libra:  Relating Under the Pressure of Performance
Moon opposite Sun @ 7:36am CDT on 3-31-18

Welcome to the second, and final, blue moon of our year!  As it was at the end of January, this is another social ‘blue moon’…significant only to the calendar month (which is a more modern way of tracking time than the stars or the seasons).  The ‘once in a blue moon’ advice still applies, though it is less of a cosmic urge (blue moon within the same sign) or a biological urge (blue moon in a particular season)…and more of a subtle, societal opportunity that can arise.

This Full Moon is primarily influenced by Mercury Retrograde in Aries, since the Interior Conjunction of Sun and Mercury will be the next day (April 1st).  During these inner planet retrograde conjunctions, the planet is always closest to Earth.  With Mercury in close proximity to us, mercurial energy has a potent effect on our world…and especially on our minds (the personal mind, the collective mind, and the Mother Mind of our Earth).  The archetype of the Aries Mercury Mind could be defined as the Mental Motivator.  New ideas are forming like seeds from the fruit of the last Mercury cycle.  Aries can be a spicy seed, no doubt, as it is the first of the fire signs. 

Sweet or spicy, this pepper seed within the Aries Mercury cycle means to motivate some mental action during this shift.  Whatever it is that you need to do at this time (and Eris will make sure that you honor it or she’ll chuck a ‘Golden Apple’ at your head), this Mercury energy is meant to encourage and inspire you to blaze your trail.  How it does that is actually more up to you, personally, than some astrologers you’ve read might project.  Do you want to get this Mercury lesson from Heyokah…who teaches through humor and opposites?  Tap into the Fool archetype and enjoy it this April Fool’s Day.  Would it work best for you through Thoth…the ‘voice of Ra’, creator of language, and patron of the written word?  That’s my go to, of course.  If that resonates for you, write your rapid-fire, inspired thoughts this weekend.  Is Jesus your go to guy?  Connect with the phoenix-like rebirth of this Easter weekend and rebirth yourself along your spiritual path.  I was born on an Easter Sunday, so even though I’m only connected to Christianity through the paths of others that I love…I do resonate with the Phoenix/Butterfly totem medicine that permeates the collective consciousness of this season.  There are many more beneficial teachers of this mercurial medicine, and if you resonate with one…set your intention with them to be inspired and transformed from the inside out.

So, this Full Moon in Libra is our pre-show to this big Mercury transformation…setting the stage with a luminous spotlight day and night.  The players are many, though Retrograde Mercury has a lead role in this.  The conflict of the cosmic storyline comes from Saturn and Mars in Capricorn, the Wise One and the Worldly Warrior (like Felix and Oscar in ‘The Odd Couple’ in some ways).  Some astrologers might focus on these two as ‘malefics’…and their version of the show might sound a little more ‘doom and gloom’ than it has to be.  Remember the Fool archetype of this season, and lighten things up as a counter balance.  It is truly a Divine Comedy playing out, and when we fail to see the humor in our oppositions…we can color a whole event through an unnecessarily depressing lens.  Just because it’s a Blue Moon doesn’t mean the gels on the stage lights need to cast a dark blue glow…bright blue might be a better choice if you want the effect to be more awe-inspiring. 

The cosmic storyline of this Divine Comedy teaches us how to relate with opposites.  Full Moons do this in general, but when they are on the Aries-Libra axis…it illuminates the essence of our relationship between Self and Other.  And because Mercury is the star of this show (in the spotlight of our star, the Sun)…the dialogue of the script is key.  Appreciate the comic timing of it all, and it may inspire you to laugh and learn to change your mind all at once.  Get swept up in the drama, and you could have a very different interpretation of the show.  It really is up to us to enjoy it or not. 

In your own personal show inspired by it, you might forget your lines or trip on your fellow actor’s performance…but you might also be able to save the show even with the mishaps, if you play it right.  The Aries energy of Sun-Mercury gives you the encouragement to understand your role, your character, within your personal performance as well as the collective production.  However, it is the Moon in Libra that insists we get outside of ourselves and relate to our fellow actors and the collective audience.  The symbols of this celestial show will give us clues along the way as to what we might glean from the story.

Moon in 11 Libra:  An Aside to the Audience

Cuthbert Binns, Hogwarts' History of Magic professor,
was unaware that he had died long ago and just continued to teach. 
"I teach the facts, Miss Granger, not myths and legends."
The Sabian Symbol of the Moon’s degree is “a professor peering over his glasses at his students”.  This image presents the necessity to transmit knowledge to a new generation of thinkers and seekers.  In this symbol, the glasses are key.  These glasses allude to the strain on sight that so much knowledge (from reading) can lead to.  So here we have a professor with a wealth of knowledge to pass on to younger generations, but he can only really ‘see’ his students by looking away from his book or notes and out into where his students are.  This is about an ability to relate to others, though our knowledge can sometimes set us apart or distance ourselves from others as well.  This technological age is like that blessing/curse conundrum brought up here.  It helps us to relate our knowledge to many diverse groups of people while being very inwardly drawn in this retrograde energy…but it also separates us from people at the same time.  Essentially, a boring lecture on whatever your most pressing topic is will not connect to others.  How best to engage an audience?  Tell a story that makes them think and feel…move them and motivate them.  And that brings us to the Aries energy of this time.

Sun in 11 Aries: The Emperor Stripped Bare in the Spotlight

"The President has the finest clothes, made of the best fabrics.
The media just unfairly reports on it."
The Sabian Symbol of the Sun’s degree is “the ruler of a nation”.  Here’s my story of this symbolism:  There once was a beautiful notion of the Sovereignty of the land.  In order  for anyone to rule upon the land, they had to have a respectful relationship with Lady Sovereignty.  Rulers were wiped out or usurped if this relationship was lacking.  This notion was widely accepted and honored, for a time anyway.  Fast-forward to present day rulership, though, and we are often left wondering where that relationship was lost.  Conflict after conflict arises because of this lack of reverence toward the land and the lives upon it.  The greedy few are often in control of the masses as well as the land’s resources.  For as long as we’ve all been alive, we’ve seen how this kind of ‘rulership’ plays out, accruing more and more damage over many cycles of the same old thing.  Now, you can apply this story of Sovereignty both collectively as well as personally.  Collectively, it is inspiring more and more people to either fight this fire with raging fire, drown it out with the water of compassion, fan the flames with the air of their displeasure, or ground it down into the earth with 6:20 minutes of reverent silence for those who have taken unnecessary hits in the madness of our modern times.  It is hard to find any humor in what is happening here in our own nation, but evoking laughter is not actually the superobjective of a comedy.  The purpose is actually, much like Heyokah medicine, to teach by uncovering the truth in opposition. 

On the individual level, this can translate to you as a question that brings about a necessary decision:  “How am I relating?”  The answer is, at once, the intention for this next cycle…and it begins with the Aries phrase followed by the Libra phrase “I am…and I relate…”  So, how DO you relate your self-expression to others?  Mercury Retrograde in Aries reminds us to “BE the change”.  After all, the only ones we can truly rule are ourselves. 

Mercury Rx in 13 Aries:  A Comedy of Errors

The Sabian Symbol of Mercury’s degree is ‘a bomb fails to explode’.  This symbol carries the essence of divine comic timing that is often apparent in Mercury Retrogrades.  We planned this thing, and then it doesn’t work out…but why?  I like to use this example to highlight the nature of this occurrence (because it has manifested this way on the mundane level for me many times).  Something happens that makes you late for work/an appointment/a meeting…even in all of your rushing it seems you are ‘doomed’ to be late (red lights, slow traffic, etc.)…and then you notice there is an accident ahead of you.  Being just a bit earlier may have put you in line to get hit in that moment.  For some reason, and for the personal mishaps that caused your delay, a worse crisis may have been averted.  A symbolic ‘bomb fails to explode’ and you realize that being late could have been the least of your troubles.  You can realize, in such moments, patience is needed…rushing can result in accidents.  Of course, you can also look at it as another thing to make you more late, but that’s not an outlook that will help you understand much of what’s playing out.  This degree of Aries, there is an element of flipping a coin in every situation.  Prosperity or destruction?  Especially with Mars and Saturn squaring off against this energy, impulsivity and caution are both in the mix.  However, the energy does suggest a sense of momentary peace and protection…or even lucking out.  Unless you’re the one trying to ‘drop the bomb’, I guess…in which case, your expectations might not come to fruition.  As it was in the last full moon where this symbol was highlighted (last October), planned out preparations are not the way of this energy.  There is a larger story pushing for us, the characters, to be in other situations than where we thought we’d be focusing.  The plot thickens as the Author/Playwright brings even the readers/audience to an unexpected turn of events.  If something doesn’t go as planned, there is likely a more pressing situation that will need to be defused elsewhere in your life.  This Comedy of Errors has much to do with social relationships, the kind where they may be thrust into crisis for the purpose of stripping down the unnecessary forms they have taken on over time...thus confronting the usual laws and social norms to reveal a higher state of awareness of self and others.  I wish you well on each crisis narrowly averted!

Of note is that Mercury Retrograde meets with the Aries Sun the next day in the symbol between the two described here.  In Aries 12, the Sabian Symbol is ‘a triangularly shaped flight of wild geese’.  So while the scene is set at the full moon for a distinctly socio-political Comedy of Errors, the planetary play concludes the following day with an image of cosmic order.  Just like most comedies, filled with human error and ridiculous mishaps, we are often brought to a sense of everything working out before the curtain closes.  The main difference between comedy and tragedy, after all, is how the characters respond to conflict.  The same conflicts of a comedy can be played out in a tragedy, and vice versa, and the tone is different based on the response to the upsets that arise…thus leading to either the happy ending or the tragic one.  There will certainly be pressure to perform pooling into the T-square of Mars-Saturn in Capricorn, but there are some very fortunate opportunities that can arise from the flowing aspects of the lunar nodes.  This weekend, you may be able to see how the aspects of fate (lunar nodes) can be improvised with your own free will choices of how you respond to them.  The energy triggered in Capricorn by our luminary axis this Full Moon is pushing us to respond wisely under pressure. 

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: The Importance of Being Purposeful

Mercury Retrograde in Aries:  The Importance of Being Purposeful
Retrograde pre-shadow begins on 3-8
Mercury Stations Retrograde on 3-22 @ 7:19pm CDT
Sun-Mercury conjunction on 4-1 @ 12:52pm CDT
Mercury Stations Direct on 4-15 @ 4:21am CDT
Retrograde post-shadow ends on 5-3

Mercury stationed today in the 17th degree of Aries, and has officially entered the realm of retrograde since 7:19pm CDT tonight…inclining the collective Mind to pause and consider what we’ve been thinking and communicating these past two weeks of the retrograde pre-shadow.  Thoughts may shift from ‘What do I need to be doing?’ to ‘Who am I being?’.  This is an inward shift…it sets us on a journey to recall important things we might have overlooked (or, perhaps, ignored while we were busy concentrating on what lessons from the Deep were resurfacing from Jupiter’s retrograde shift in Scorpio).  Planetary stations are like cosmic calls for meditative focus, and Mercury’s stations are so noticeable that there’s almost a comic timing to each ‘pregnant pause’.  Oh, you needed your computer to work flawlessly right now so you could go full-speed ahead on what you’re working on?  Mercury, in true Heyokah fashion, might interrupt your plans to shift your focus to something that needs your here-and-now attention.  Or…you are trying to schedule something with multiple people?  If it’s necessary at this time…please go ahead (don’t listen to those who warn about scheduling Mercury Retrograde appointments…avoiding interactions for three weeks is ridiculous).  But if it’s not the right timing, be prepared for things to not work out as planned or need a reschedule.  And really, check yourself when you get frustrated about that.  What’s that all about?  Do make time to notice what is shifting in your mind during these times.  There are important pieces of the puzzle that can be picked up in this time that lends itself well to revision, re-thinking, and rediscovery.  We’re all going through our own mental shifts at these times, so be gentle with yourself and others (okay, try your best).  Mercury in Aries can incline a bit…or a lot…of impatience during times of pause and delay, and communications can get snappish. 

I was born with Mercury (Direct) in Aries in the same degree as my Sun…so immediate self-expression and improvisational quick-thinking (and often thinking or communicating ahead of myself) is my baseline M.O.  On bad days, when stress is overwhelming, my communication can be impulsive (add Scorpio Moon emotional overwhelm to the mental stress mix, and my expression of that fire-water steam has the capacity to reach volcanic levels).  These are things I have had to learn to temper with love (Venus in Pisces) and peacekeeping action (Mars Retrograde in Libra).  I have learned, over many Mercury Retrogrades, to appreciate these stationary times of stillness and inward reflection.  If this Aries Woman can develop patience (imperfect as this patience is), anyone can.  Even if it’s the kind of patience that develops immediately after awareness of impatience…that’s often the case for me…being aware of how those thoughts manifest is a step in the right direction. 

We live in a world that is so often dominated by expressions of go-go-go and me-first, sometimes to the point of aggression.  This is not what Aries is really about, but every energy has its shadow expressions.  Aries is about those trust-your-gut instincts to protect, encourage, and inspire what is essential for our survival (not just for ourselves but for our whole world).  It is also about passionate and initiating energy.  These are some of the reasons why Aries is said to be ruled by Mars, the Warrior.  It’s important to recognize these times when our focus shifts away from that outward striving and takes us on a trip into an otherworldly mindscape. 

Also of importance is that if you happen to be between the ages of approximately 30-80…you are likely to experience this particular three weeks of Mercury Retrograde in Aries (and the shadow periods before and after) bringing up that undeniable ‘purpose’ within you:  that thing you must do because your soul is here for it and it will not be ignored or you will feel the distinct burn of mental chaos.  Yes, that’s Mercury travelling over your natal Eris in Aries.  Three hits of it coming into your awareness between March 8th and May 3rd, and you’ll have a better grasp on what that essential purpose is for you personally.  At least I hope so.  Eris energy is best welcomed as an honored guest.  Denying her an invitation never worked out so well in her mythic storyline.  While Eris (Discordia) is often well known for the chaos she instigates when scorned, there is much more to this Feminine archetype than meets the fearful, patriarchal eye that paints her as a hysterical Crazy Woman.  Sister to Ares (Mars), this Warrioress joined him in battle…not for the fight, but for the cause.  She represents pure purpose and operates with the protectivity of the Cosmic Order like a fierce Mama Bear.  Her Wild Woman power cannot be denied.

Venus, representing the Sacred Feminine, is currently in Aries…in her wise evening star phase within the larger cycle of Venus in Aries that began last spring and ends this autumn.  This means that the Sacred Feminine within us all has been learning through this Aries energy the powerful expressions of the Wild Woman, the Warrioress, and the passionately protective Creatrix during this cycle.  We have recently stripped down these archetypes to their essence and transformed them for our collective enlightenment into expressions that rebirth and reclaim that feminine fire.  Venus is approaching a conjunction with Eris now, which will be exact on March 25th…so Eris’s essence is intertwined with Venus’s expression during the first part of this Mercury Retrograde as well.  Get to know Eris and your own expression of her energy better in this cycle.  Learn the purpose and necessity of Chaos and how it reflects the purpose and necessity of Order.  In doing so, you’ll be faced with your own essential self and your soul purpose.  Much as we want to know it and activate it, we also fear it.  Perhaps this Mercury Retrograde is a good time to face it as well as embrace it. 

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Friday, March 16, 2018

New Moon in Pisces: Healing the Wounds of the Passing Piscean Age

New Moon in Pisces:  Healing the Wounds of the Passing Piscean Age
Moon conjunct Sun @ 8:11am CDT on 3-17-18

It is raining here in Omaha as I am writing this…cleansing in the abundance of the water element now and softening the ground as spring approaches.  As a spring-born pluviophile, a good rain is an absolute blessing to me.  Let the Piscean waters flow!  This moon phase will build to fullness at the end of this month, when we will experience the second blue moon of our year.  So this phase is much like a continuation of the previous one that was full at the beginning of March…and we are at the beginning of the Sap Moon (named for the time when maple sap is flowing at the annual tapping of sugar maples).  At this New Moon, much is flowing out of us too…we are ‘tapping into’ the last degrees of the final sign of the zodiac (Pisces) through the luminaries and Chiron…feeling and healing are abundant if we tap into this energy. Chiron is conjunct this New Moon and has returned to the degree he stationed retrograde in last July…which means we are at the final lessons of the post-shadow of that previous retrograde period (that Chiron retrograde period was from 7-1 through 12-5 last year).  On March 28th, Chiron moves out of that retrograde post-shadow as he wraps up his teachings, for now, on Piscean healing.  Then, on April 17th, Chiron moves on into Aries.   So Chiron is integral medicine right now for us all, and continues to bring important lessons as we move into our Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. 

As we are transitioning at this Turning of the Ages, Chiron has much to teach us about what is calling to be healed from the Piscean Age.  Chiron in Pisces shows us the wound of separation (from the Universe, from Spirit, from the Earth, from each other, etc) as a core wound that has been prevalent in our era. This wound expresses through us in many ways:  powerlessness, victimization, martyrdom, escapism (through drugs, alcohol, or other addictions), blaming and shaming, extreme duality, fear of opening to others, fear of being hurt or abandoned, lack of trust (in others or in a higher power), retreat into our shells,  extreme sensitivity (and often hiding it in unhealthy ways), avoidance of spiritual or higher mind subjects (or, conversely, getting lost there), or susceptibility to various forms of enslavement or brain-washing.  Looking back over the last 2000 years or more, we can see the wound of separation we’ve been trying to escape in these ways and more.  We’ve been on a long search for oneness, transcendent and omnipresent love, for the meaning behind so many seemingly senseless injustices we humans create.  How can we trust anything?  How can we feel connected when the world seems to be falling apart, often by our own collective undoing?  There is a paradox on this healing path that we must accept and embrace so that we can move forward…we can only regain trust by trusting and we can only feel love by loving.  It is through each experience…mystical or mundane, joyful or painful…that we return to wholeness, oneness, and unity.  We discover the gift within this wound when we are able to acknowledge the blessings within the crises and the fairness within the unfairness.  And if enough of us can collectively unwrap this gift for our world, a vast healing of ancestral karma can occur.

This is the larger picture of Chiron moving through Pisces for the past 7+ years (recalling lessons from the previous Chiron in Pisces cycle between 1962-1968).  Some of these lessons are being illuminated more specifically by our current Sun-Moon conjunction.  Looking to the degrees that are being highlighted now can give us a better understanding of the wisdom we need now on this healing path.

The Sun and Moon meet in Pisces 27.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “a harvest moon illumines a clear autumnal sky”.  And while autumn approaches in the Southern Hemisphere, this symbol (at first) may seem out of place in our Northern Hemisphere (as well as the reference to a full moon during a new moon).  But beyond the season, we have all just come out of a couple months where all planets were direct (which is almost like an ‘astrological summertime’ where activity heightens and we’re busy working our various ‘fields’, preparing for a harvest).  The energy was pushing us forward, even as winter was still upon us in the North, encouraging us to set things in motion.  So now, as Jupiter has been retrograde since March 8th and Mercury is about to station retrograde on the 22nd, we are beginning to reap what we have sown (or failed to cultivate) in that time.  This New Moon may bring blessings of fulfillment for work well done…or feelings of lack for not quite getting there before these energetic shifts (or both).  But either way, there is still work to do…and much of it is now about going inward to illuminate anything we may have overlooked as we were speeding along.

Chiron is now in Pisces 29, just a couple degrees ahead of our luminaries.  The Sabian Symbol here is “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism”.  This process is symbolic of our own process of differentiation we go through in life.  We are, before conceived, unified with source light.  We are brought to Earth through the womb of our mother (the prism), and then shaped through that process into our individual expression (a rainbow of different colors, expressing different angles of deviation).  We do not lose the source light, but we reflect it in many different ways.  Essentially, there is no real separation from the Universe…only one of human perception.  We go from unity to multi-unity…where we express our Divine Spark in a multitude of ways. This is the lesson Chiron is reiterating for us in the next couple weeks…on his second pass through this previous retrograde degree.  This is when it can really sink in and allow more of us to understand that the illusion of separation has been tearing us apart…but we are actually just varied expressions of the source light that unites us.  We really are all one.

So as the focus upon woundedness, healing, and the gifts within the wounds is potent right now…allow yourself the freedom to explore what arises.  Hiding from, or trying to escape, our wounds only prolongs the healing process we all must go through to come to wholeness.  Painful as it can be, depending on where you are in your path, such shifts of energy are present as opportunities to heal ourselves in whatever way we most need at this time.  And in healing ourselves, we are healing our world.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Full Moon in Virgo: Evolving to Serve Beyond Self

The Quickening Moon is also known as Crow Moon,
both refer to the first signs of Spring.

Full Moon in Virgo: Evolving to Serve Beyond Self
Moon opposite Sun @ 6:50pm CST on 3-1-18

Last month held a difficult eclipse.  I wrote Release and Rebirth days before the New Moon last month, and posted it on the 13th.  Then on the 14th, our country was hauntingly shaken by yet another mass shooting…this time at a school in Florida.  This happens far too often to ignore.  Ghosts of Columbine and every other massacre in our recent past came up within the closing of that eclipse window.  We saw more than we wanted to see, and the collective felt the blow to our humanity.  Some mourned, some reacted…and some lifted each other up to find hope, love, and peace in action.  All manner of feelings shot out in protective response. 

Our last eclipse season (August 2017) brought up similar re-openings of old wounds.  You may remember the planned race riot by armed white supremacists that was met by much more allowance from authority than, for example, unarmed Water Protectors banding races together peacefully to preserve our land and water.  And here we have another instance that points out a similar polarization of values.  Again the question for the collective arises, what is priority to protect? 

Instead of talking or writing it out between February’s New Moon Eclipse and this Full Moon, I let the incoming Pisces energy wash over me…just feeling it.  I remembered myself, a week past my 17th birthday, feeling the gravity of kids shooting kids at school.  The idea was unknown to me until Columbine.  It shook me to my core.  I realize now that these kids in Florida were not even born when the Columbine Massacre happened.  Yet they became part of a continuing storyline that had never been resolved.

I looked back to what I had posted the day before this recent shooting.  The symbol for the New Moon Eclipse degree…”a tree felled and sawed”.  Not knowing what would happen the next day, I wrote “Think of the tree within this symbol as someone or something that you have grown close with over much time…in fact, you’ve grown together.  There was a real relationship here.  You shared space and the breath of life together for some time.  But now there is a necessity to release that attachment for a transformative rebirth to happen.  And, “The cosmic cocktail in this eclipse cauldron has been a heady mixture of spirits.  The results can be anything from exhilarating to stupefying.  So many celestial bodies have been congregating in the air sign of Aquarius since the 31st, passing over the South Lunar Node of Fate one after the other.  And now they’re reaching the end of this sign, inclining us toward a culmination of these karmic lessons.  What is it we’re learning from all of this?

And then I wondered, what did we learn from last August’s eclipse season?  I re-read my words from then too:  “Being reintroduced to a place that has been wounded and scarred by these traumas, and more, is a shaky process.  It is important to both have support from others and to understand the importance of each individual carrying out personal responsibility for making the world around them a safe and welcoming environment during the integration process and beyond.  Things can surface in this time that are difficult to deal with…painful to feel.  But we can’t ignore them…no, ignorance is what got us to this place to begin with.  We have to nurture what comes forth with love for our healing collective soul and forgiveness for past traumas it has endured.
I will leave it there for now, because we are still at a point of processing.  Revelation is sure to come along with this Quickening Moon in full, and then we can hope to integrate what we are collectively learning.  The same is true on the personal scale.  What came up for you during this eclipse season is now approaching a period of illumination with this Full Moon in Virgo.

Moon in Virgo 12:  Initiation, Unveiled

This Full Moon is illuminating the symbol of “a bride with her veil snatched away”.  Visions of ‘unveiling’ resurface at this time…recalling what transpired when Mercury (conjunct Vesta) stationed retrograde in this degree last August.  Mysteries are revealed.  And all things that seek the security of secrecy may have the veil lifted from them as more things come to light for the sake of transparency in this next stage of our becoming.  Some form of ‘innocence lost’ is followed by “knowledge gained”.

Sun in Pisces 12:  Initiation, Examined

The Sun is illuminating the Sabian Symbol of “An examination of initiates”.  The symbol refers to those initiations into the Mysteries where our lives must be examined to reach new levels of access and participation.  The larger description of this symbol is ‘in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested’.  So it is each of our own characters that are being tested now.  And in any situation where we find ourselves being tested, scrutinized, or judged…the best option is always to try to perform at our best.  The lesson illuminated here is to ‘prove yourself’ to yourself.

Neptune in Pisces 14:  Protection As We Shift Between Worlds

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “a lady in fox fur”.  This symbol can be seen in many ways, and such is the nature of Neptune’s shapeshifting influence as the planet of Group Mystification.  The conjunction between Neptune here and the Sun in the ‘examination of initiates’ degree recalls Neptune’s extended stay on Pisces 12 in the final months of last year, when Neptune stationed direct in that degree…ushering in the “Me Too” movement that coincided with Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio.  As I wrote about Neptune then, “Neptune’s lessons are often the kind that are shrouded behind some kind of veil, only to be revealed in stages of discovery after periods of being ‘in the dark’.  Initially confusing and disorienting, Neptune’s tests are meant to take us beyond what we know and into uncharted waters…it’s a process of gaining clarity in an unclear world”. 
'Fox Maiden' by Susan Seddon Boulet
In this image, the subject is a kitsune (a shapeshifting fox spirit)
Keeping with this revealing and unveiling theme, the ‘lady in fox fur’ likely has her own secrets to tell.  And in keeping with the other theme of past symbols resurfacing even while all planets are still direct, this is what I wrote about this Fox Lady degree when it applied to the Full Moon in September last year:  “At one moment, you may see the symbol as a socialite rubbing elbows with powerful personalities.  You may even immediately have a reaction to the excesses of luxury accumulated and flaunted at the expense of others’ lives.  At the next glance, you may witness the actual fox totem medicine she draws upon in order to move in unison with society, simply by shapeshifting how she appears.  After all, who’s to say she isn’t the self-reliant trapper herself, living a scaled-down life off the modern beaten path?  The symbol itself leaves the interpretation very open…and we all have our own unique first-glances of it based on our own experience.  My own personal experience of this energy has more to do with what fox medicine has taught me throughout my life, as it is a personal totem of mine.  Two years ago, I posted about Fox Medicine in this blog.  I encourage you to read that post for a deeper insight into what wisdom this creature teacher has for all of us to tap into through this lunar energy.  We’ve all heard tales of how swift and clever foxes are, but their adaptability and familial connections may also be of great importance to learn about for many of us who are currently navigating through various life changes or family crises. 
Not only does this symbol specifically bring up the fox totem, it also brings to our awareness how beneficial our own personal totem connections are right now.  Some of us have one totem that is very prevalent as an animal connection in our lives.  Others have multiple medicines from which they can draw upon.  Fostering stronger connections to all the many creature teachers in our lives provides us with the power to work with Mother Nature in ways that modern humans have tended to stray away from.”

Mercury-Venus-Chiron Stellium in Pisces Trine Jupiter in Scorpio:  Re-integration of Received Wisdom

Do you remember embarking on the ‘Mountain Pilgrimage’ during the mid-January New Moon in Capricorn?  So many cosmic archetypes convening at the summit to share their wisdom?  It was that first real rush of ‘All Planets Direct’ energy coupled with the first New Moon of the year…we were inspired to commence the climb. 

Of course, we had no idea what the journey would entail.  I mean, some of us knew the experience would include multiple lessons throughout, a seasonal celebration, and a stirring of the Eclipse Cauldron before we would journey back with our particular cupful of the elixir we could use to heal our society.  But not even an astrologer can know all the contents of such an experience ahead of time…we can only prepare ourselves for possibilities. 

At that time, we had Jupiter and Mars both supporting the climb from the Scorpio waters below…and additional support from Chiron in the vast ocean that is Pisces.  Jupiter was then in an opportunistic sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, but it was the Mars-Chiron trine that gave us the creative inspiration to initiate the healing process of the pilgrimage. 

Now, as we’re coming down from that heightened experience, Jupiter (still sextiling Pluto) is the one building a trine with Chiron (as Mars has already moved on to his Sagittarian Vision Quest).  And this time, not only is it Chiron in Pisces, but also Mercury and Venus are swimming in the Piscean sea with him.  Both of these inner planets will exact their trine with Jupiter surrounding this full moon (Venus the morning of the 1st, Mercury the morning after)…flowing harmoniously with the social planet of expansion.  This is the energy of selflessly giving to our society (where it is needed most) our unique understanding of the wisdom received.  Re-integrating ourselves back into society (just as the Quickening Moon welcomes the return of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere), requires a symbiotic exchange of energy with the land and her people.  We have received new energy from the light beings of the Apus (mountains) not just for ourselves, but to better contribute our unique medicine to Pachamama and all life that calls her ‘Home’. 

Jupiter, only a week away from his retrograde that will end this two-month long sojourn of ‘All Planets Direct’, is slowing down in this degree for these coming expansions.  The Sabian Symbol where Jupiter is pausing to reflect just happens to be “after having heard an inspired individual deliver his ‘sermon on the mount’, crowds are returning home.”  This is a symbol of integrating these lessons and ‘peak experiences’ into our everyday reality and consciousness.  This can often be a challenge that follows spiritual transformation…and an inconjunct to Eris-Uranus does present this uneasiness along with the promise of growth.  As Dane Rudhyar explained about this degree, “The return home from the high mountain, or from any upper chamber of the consciousness, may lead to a sense of oppression by the normal realities of existence, or else the soul that has been illuminated may retain enough of that light to transfigure every daily situation.

Mercury is also sextiling Pluto in Capricorn, giving us the opportunity to communicate the transformative wisdom we’ve learned, from the 23rd degree of Pisces.  The symbol here is “a materializing medium giving a séance”.  Mercury in Pisces often communicates in symbolic and spiritual ways, and even more so in this degree.  Here, Mercury gathers the group and acts as medium for otherworldly messages.  This can take many forms:  poetry, music, or even feelings beyond words…but it can also take the form of getting spiritual advice from someone who communicates with energies beyond the veil, or being that medium for others.  The ‘materializing’ part of this symbol indicates that though the wisdom that is currently of value to our community is metaphysical in nature…we have an opportunity to translate it into this physical realm with our own unique gifts. 

Venus, who recently emerged as Evening Star, is in the 24th degree of Pisces. Here she illuminates the symbol “an inhabited island”.  This is the place where we’re ‘returning home’, as she is now ascending back into our night sky.  The inhabited island symbol can be the return to the land on which we live, our own home and family, our body, even a return of pieces of our soul to re-integrate back into wholeness after a trauma.  It can be many things, but the message is to rediscover your center so that you can better take on your role in the larger interactions of human existence…small as the ‘island’ of human existence is in the whole of the universe.  Cohabitation works best when each inhabitant is contributing their unique talents in integral and constructive ways.  Just as within each of us, each part serves functions that keep the body going.  Venus asks us, “what value have you discovered in your own drop of this vast ocean?”

Chiron, the slowest-moving celestial body in this Pisces stellium, is in the 28th degree of Pisces.  At the first new moon of the year, he was highlighting the symbol of “a new moon that divides its influence”.  At this full moon, his degree is “a fertile garden under a full moon”.  The eclipse season linked January’s Snow Moon with this Quickening Moon…giving us a couple months to really soak in this ‘Mountain Pilgrimage’.  Now we’re at an illuminating phase of this eclipse experience, and the ‘garden’ of our lives is blossoming from the seeds we planted earlier.  This is the gift within the wounds we discovered this eclipse season.  And as Mercury and Venus unite with Chiron in this degree on March 4th, the Pisces Stellium peaks to inspire the world through the compassionate Healer/Teacher archetype.  This full moon prepares us for that energy…and Chiron asks, “By what example do you teach the world to heal?”

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi