Friday, July 21, 2017

New Moon in Leo: Emanating the Sacred Fire into Conscious Creation

New Moon in Leo:  Emanating the Sacred Fire into Conscious Creation

Moon conjunct Sun @ 4:46am CDT, 7-23-17

Coming in like a lion, this New Moon begins in conjunction with Mars, planet of action and desire, at the beginning of Leo.  Leo is the sign of solar energy, generously generating life on Earth through its warmth and illumination.  The Sacred Masculine is spotlighting where we, as a collective, need to focus our healing fire.  Mars is the Warrior aspect of the Divine Masculine, and this archetype can range from the Peaceful Warrior to the Destroyer.  With this energy ushering us into a new lunar month (The Green Corn Moon), it may start off with a bang in many ways.  To begin this phase, issues may arise that illuminate our expressions of anger, where we draw the line with our boundaries, and how we conquer whatever seeks to destroy us.

It is becoming more and more prevalent in modern spiritual communities to polarize anger into the ‘negative’ or ‘dark’ category of energies.  This is misguided, as it leads only to repression and eventual, unconscious eruption.  Let me be clear, feeling angry does not make you less spiritual.  What you do with anger is important.  Anger is not meant to be the action, but the inspiration.  Whatever pushes our rage buttons or triggers an angry outburst, look closer.  It is the key in the ignition of positive action.  Channel that fire into an inner drive to create better outcomes, and you’ve got the solar power to get to your next destination. 

With such fiery energy guiding us into this new phase, we must remember that there is as much creative energy to this element as there is destructive energy…and that, as the story of life and death goes, creativity and destruction are a symbiotic partnership.  Tap into what you can now create, and consciously put your inner fire to work.  Channel the Sun’s projective power into creative outlets and projects.  Rather than react to distractions, act on attraction.

Sun/Moon in Leo 1:  “Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition”

In this first degree of Leo, the Sabian Symbol refers to the individual experience of energy rising from the heart to the head.  Essentially, in a creative sense, our heart’s desire comes to mind and seeks conscious manifestation.  Or, in a destructive sense, the wrath that arises from a wounded heart starts a wildfire within…and the heat rises to the mind, creating a chain reaction of destructive thoughts.  The original wording of this symbol gives more clues into the destructive aspect of this energy:  “a case of apoplexy”.  Apoplexy is unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.  But apoplexy also has a more informal definition as an incapacity or speechlessness caused by extreme anger.  In either definition, the result is incapacity in some form if we’re not careful with this energy.  The different descriptions of this symbol present a choice.  Will we intentionally focus this trailblazing force of bio-psychic energy into ambitious creative pursuits, or will we leave it unattended…resulting in a conflagration of disastrous effects?

The way this New Moon energy manifests in our individual lives will largely depend on what energy we are currently holding in our hearts before it rushes to our heads.  Are we holding space for love and gratitude in our heart center?  Or are we holding onto damaging feelings of fear, lack, jealousy, rage, revenge, or hatred?  Let the healing fire within purify your heart center during this dark moon transition...and release.  No matter how broken you may feel, that sacred flame is eternal.  Whatever you hold in your heart right now (be it radiant love or a towering inferno)…it is bound to spread…first to the mind, then out into the world around us.  As within, so without.

Mars in Leo 2:  “An epidemic of mumps”

And so along comes Mars, named after the God of War, to spread the individual experience to the collective.  Interestingly, there quite literally has been (in the past couple of years) an epidemic of mumps resurfacing.  The vast majority of those individuals infected were vaccinated with the live attenuated virus vaccine (which can both mutate and shed to others)…raising the question of the MMR vaccine’s effectiveness, and reigniting the fight over whether it does more harm than good.  And in that question, there is a war…and it is likely that each of you reading this is on one side or the other…though there are many who have little idea there is a battle going on at all.  Paul “For Profit” Offit, one of the people most feverishly promoting mandatory vaccinations in the U.S., told FOX Business this year, “Could you make a better mumps vaccine which has no side effects and has better protection? I think that you could, but it would probably be a two-decade long effort and it would mean a company like Merck, which is the sole manufacturer in the United States, will essentially be competing against themselves -- so I don’t see that happening. I think the more likely scenario is that you give out a third dose of the current vaccine at 11 or 13 years of age.”  Of course, that third dose has been tried and failed…so the unanswered questions continue to fly.

Timely as this decades-old symbol is in our modern age, it would be missing the point to take it literally (though we can’t rule out another epidemic of mumps occurring this year, since it was still going on throughout the beginning of 2017).  What this symbol means to bring to our attention is the spreading of panic fear (and, with Mars’s influence, the spreading of heated emotions, vitriol, and war-like behavior as a reaction).   Fear is what is underlying it all…fear that we, too, might succumb to the worst of the potentially harmful effects of the ‘apoplexy’ degree our luminaries are bringing to light.  Those acting (or reacting) unconsciously to perceived threats are quick to point the finger of blame at any easy target, unwittingly pointing three more fingers back at themselves.  Those who are conscious of these energetic undertones have a better chance of ‘immunity’ to the disease of fear that might seem to run rampant in their environment (or, at least, they will be asymptomatic or only mildly put out by it).  This becoming conscious of what’s spreading is the key…and it starts with inner examination.  Examining it in the light of consciousness allows us to create our ‘antibodies’ of resistance. 

Since my own medicine has much to do with finding the gifts within our wounds, this symbol draws me into the nature of viruses to recognize their strengths…so that we may recognize the mirror they hold to our own.  Little is scientifically known about the evolution of viruses, but we can recognize a co-evolutionary relationship between viruses and their living hosts.  We can easily understand that viral microbes cannot multiply on their own, but need to inject their genetic material into living cells in order to replicate and mutate.  But it is less recognized in the general population that viruses both build our immune systems and contribute to our own evolutionary change.  What can we learn from them besides fear? 

During epidemics, viruses evolve.  So must we. 

The epidemic is fear (I know, many of us are so fed up with the “idiocracy” that it would seem the epidemic is stupidity…but whoever truly benefitted from riding the high horse?  It goes deeper than ignorance…though it does mutate through many forms).  Fear seeks to evolve through replication and mutation throughout multiple hosts.  Try watching/reading mainstream news (or any current events) without feeling affected by this or that scary thing mentioned.  It’s hard to do…no matter how desensitized you’ve become.  Something will likely evoke anger in you, at least.  For many who try not to appear emotional, anger disguises itself as acceptable…it is too forceful to be ‘delicate’, so it can look like strength (and it can be, as long as it’s used properly).   I tend to see all well-directed emotions as strengths, but I might just be a ‘snowflake’.  Side note:  I really love snowflakes, so I don’t mind being called that.

Anyway, so the fear epidemic spreads in rapid fire mutations through all these other emotions, and seems to shed longest through anger because it is often well-disguised there to many.  Going back to the beginning of what I mentioned about anger though…”it is the key in the ignition of positive action”.  Anger forces us to make necessary changes.  Like the viral infection changes and adapts, so should we with regards to our various strains of fear.  Examine your own anger, and you can better fight off the inflammatory nature of the epidemic it feeds.

Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn: Cycles of Covering and Uncovering


Full Moon in Capricorn:  Cycles of Covering and Uncovering

Moon opposite Sun @ 11:06pm CDT, 7-8-17

The Blessing Moon this year may be bringing its blessings in disguise.  Chiron brought out the wounds of separation in our world last weekend after stationing retrograde.  He teaches the healing journey, and often times that means that old wounds must be uncovered, addressed, and redressed.  The deeper the wounds, the deeper we must dive within those depths to discover the root of what is slowing the healing process.  Accompanying this Pandora’s Box of Healing, shadows break loose from the restraints where once we kept them.

Enter the Full Moon, squared by Jupiter and conjunct the opposition from Mars in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is a theme of covering and uncovering…and a call for the balance between, best as we can manage.  But seek perfection during this full moon, and you are likely to be faced with limitations.  A better use of the energy is to stay humble, and accept that what ever covers your back and whatever truth you can uncover is more than enough to sustain you through hard times.  Looking through the lens of lack is ill advised, though may be sharply unavoidable for many.  Be patient with your fellow humans.  Healing takes its own time.  I’m naturally a glass half full guide, so I always hope that writing about the astrological energies arising better prepares us for dealing with them as each test comes up. 

Jupiter is similarly an optimistic teacher.  But even still, he is feeling the brunt of the T-Square of this Full Moon…absorbing some heavy hits from the apex of this stressful configuration.  Even in an agitated state, he still means to impart blessings of social harmony and a balanced perspective from his position in Libra, sign of partnership.  Jupiter in Libra is the energy of the Diplomat, and when trying to find balance between oppositions…we are lucky to have those negotiation skills to draw upon.  However, Jupiter has a way of expanding things and increasing them.  So be careful of the tendency, under this combination of energies, to exacerbate wounds or create mountains from molehills.

This theme of coverage and discovery brought up by our luminaries on this specific Cancer-Capricorn axis happens to be one that also plays out in my own life.  The Sun and Moon are exacting their Full Moon opposition on the same degrees of my natal North and South Nodal axis (Soul’s Growth and Soul’s Knowledge).  Since I love to teach, I feel it’s important to show the best way I know to learn astrology:  Get to know your natal chart.  Following the transits to your own natal chart is the easiest way to understanding how these energies can play out.  You are your most available case study, after all.

So, check out your natal chart and see where the luminaries of this full moon are transiting (as well as the other major players mentioned below).  What houses are they in and are they making any aspects to anything in your natal chart?  This full moon is activating my nodal axis in the 3rd and 9th Houses (Houses of Communication and Higher Learning) while Jupiter at the Apex of the T-Square is in my 6th House (House of Health and Daily Service) conjunct my natal Saturn Retrograde.  And since my Aries Sun-Mercury conjunction in my 12th House (House of the Unconscious) is opposite this Jupiter transit to my natal Saturn, this Full Moon is activating my own Cardinal Grand Cross…which pushes me to find my center between double oppositions. 

None of that really makes much difference to you (and for many, it’s probably a confusing paragraph)…but I bring these things up to highlight how knowing your own natal chart is a useful skill to learn when you want to work more consciously with the cosmic energies that are guiding us along our Earth Walk.  Believe it or not, these energies play out in our lives anyway.  Understanding more about them goes a long way in aiding the choices we make as well as in bringing us to the best possible outcomes.

So here is more detail on what the Full Moon is bringing us to work with…

Moon in the 18th Degree of Capricorn:  The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Warship

This symbol refers to times in the past when Great Britain’s fleet was policing the seas under the international principal of 'the freedom of the seas'.  It is symbolic of any sense of protection one seeks from belonging to a powerful political or social group, patrolling borders and defining boundaries (guarding your territory), the necessity of responsibility and reliability when overseeing an ‘empire’, nationalism, the ruling elite, and/or war games.  Issues with the government often come up when this degree is highlighted.  Be aware that there may be artificial shows of strength and strong-arm tactics involved.  It is likely that people will be pitted against each other.  The deeper symbolism behind this degree is an issue of coverage…in such oppositional times, are you covered? 

Here in the states, the healthcare issue has many people uneasy as more and more millions of people are projected to be uninsured if Trumpcare goes into effect.  Here’s an example of where people are pitted against each other…in Obamacare vs. Trumpcare debates.  While there are some major differences (especially in how the poor, elderly, female, or those with pre-existing conditions are cast aside…and on the flip side, how prescription drug costs become more affordable)…the real problem is actually inherent in both systems since it’s the same template…both are corporate-care, both are written by an insurance company executive, and both completely revolve around insurance company profits.  Meanwhile, those of us presenting the solution of single-payer healthcare are left having to wait for the realities of this current system to get so bad that we can all finally admit that actual progressive ideas are in the people’s best interests.  Okay, there’s my South Lunar Node being transited…going off on a political rant while I’m trying to clarify a point. 

The point is, this Full Moon may take us to extremes of emotions on what we think we need in order to be safe, protected, and covered…so be sure you’re not just flying a flag for those that don’t actually care what happens to you.  In a more personal sense, consider the ways in which you cover yourself…are you hiding vulnerability behind an outward show of strength?  If so, are you conscious of your reasoning?  Where does your real power reside?  Are you using it with compassion…or is it being repressed and expressed in ways that revolve around control?  Issues of power, control, group identity, and social disintegration are likely to come into play. 

Of course, keep in mind that I have a natal tie to this degree which inclines me to ‘move away from’ a sort of “soul crutch” in this symbol…so the interpretation is somewhat colored in an ‘I’m over it’ light.  Bright side of this degree, then?  Belonging.  Camaraderie.  Being prepared for battle.  Political Power.  Authority.  Law and Order.  Supervision.  Running a ‘tight ship’. 

Additionally, keep in mind that Pluto is conjunct the Moon, just one degree away…so their energies combine in powerful ways.  Slow moving as the outer planets are, Pluto is still in the same degree it was in during the full moon last month:  Capricorn 19, “A child carrying a huge shopping bag”.  This is what I already wrote about that energy (which now applies in an even bigger way at this full moon):  “In this degree of Capricorn, Pluto carries a heavy load of transformative energy…This is an energy of accelerated growth…where the child is carrying out responsibilities even before fully developing in effort to help out.  Essentially, you may not feel ready to be of service in the way that you want to…but situations will still arise to prove to you that you are ready to grow quickly into whatever role is calling you.  Don’t hold yourself back because you don’t have degrees and experience…take on the experience as it comes.  Maybe it’s that you’re afraid to do something on your own.  The truth is, you can.  This is not a time to stay comfortably where we’ve always been operating…it’s a time to break out of routine and try something new.”  Last month, this energy was more subtle, but applied most to primary partnerships.  This time, the energy is dynamic, and applies more to social obligations and responsibilities within group dynamics.

Sun in the 18th Degree of Cancer:  A Hen Scratching the Ground to Find Nourishment for Her Chicks

For those of you that know me well, how ironic is it that the degree of my North Lunar Node (which represents my soul’s growth, or what I’m moving toward) has chicken imagery?  Interestingly, out of all the sabian symbols of all 360 degrees…there are only four degrees described by symbols with chickens in them...and I have two in my natal chart.  The other one is Libra 7, “a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from hawks” which is the degree that Mars was retrograde in when I was born.  For those of you who don’t know me well, I had a traumatic experience with a rooster at a young age…and am still working through an irrational fear of chickens to this day.  It’s my shadow totem, and I’m working on embracing it.  I have already embraced my obvious ‘Mother Hen’ side…it’s the flashy projection of the Rooster I’m still trying to discover in positive ways.

Side note:  It is no accident that I’m not editing out these personal tangents (even though I keep wanting to).  In an astrological climate revolving around themes of covering and uncovering…I figure I may as well reveal more of the weirdness behind the writer.  My “soul’s growth” points me in the direction of this degree of ‘uncovering’, after all.  It's my south node, what my soul has already mastered and what I no longer need to focus on, that makes me want to edit out what's personal to me so that I can stream-line things and 'keep a tight ship'.  That orderliness is not really who I am in this, you get a bunch of rough draft chicken scratch thrown in the mix. 

So, back to the Mother Hen symbol…it’s more about familial responsibilities than the Moon-Pluto focus on socio-political obligations.  Here we have Mama showing her babies how to uncover what will nourish and sustain them as they grow.  She is both Detective and Teacher here, not only Provider and Caregiver.  It’s a nod to the ‘Teach a man to fish” adage, where we take on the role of Guide as our gift to others…so they may learn the survival skills that will be self-sustaining later.

The difference between these two degrees highlighted by our luminaries is obvious…one is a statement of global authority upon a heavily armed, impressively constructed ship of the line for the Royal Navy.  The other is a pasture hen teaching her chicks to forage off the land.  One is elite, the other is rustic.  One is backed by plenty of money, the other is surviving by making ends meet.  One commands the seas, the other commands…maybe a few chicks, at most.  Even more revealing though is that one is impersonal and the other is personal.  But the similarity is that they are both symbols of responsibility and survival, and some degree of protection…and that is where we find the balance between the opposing energies.  How are we balancing our responsibilities between our private lives and our public lives?  What survival skills are we learning and teaching in each of these areas?  Are they sustainable?  How are we protecting those that are under our care?

The Sun is also conjunct Mars (though not as close a conjunction as Moon and Pluto, it is still within the orb of conjunction at 5 degrees apart).  Cancer 23 is one of my favorite degrees for its symbol of “the meeting of a literary society”.  It suggests the coming together of ideas, and the consideration of other people’s viewpoints in discussion.  Like the Moon’s degree, it refers to belonging to a group with shared goals.  And like the Sun’s degree, it has a similar feel of revealing and uncovering deeper meaning and nourishment (of the mind, in this case).  Mars inspires our passions, desires, and actions…and points us, during this Full Moon, toward the sharing of information and ideas.  Linked to the Mother Hen degree, we must be conscious of what we’re teaching our children…and, similarly, writers are just as responsible for feeding the minds of future generations of readers.  In our modern age, this symbol extends to other forms of information exchange as well…including mainstream and social media, podcasts, talk radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.  In a heavy astrological climate, we may feel censored, either by holding back to keep the peace or by societal standards.  Things may also get overly critical in heated discussion (Mars likes to bring the heat, and in a water sign…things can reach a boiling point if we’re not careful). Similarly, we need to be aware of divisive propaganda in the media.  We also don’t want to fall into the lower expression of being ‘all talk, no action’…or of excluding others who may not meet a certain intellectual criteria.  However, I like to consider that the symbol of the literary society meeting brings together great, creative minds that both move in unison with society as well as help to shape it into more meaningful form and content.  With these two Cancer degrees combined…I think to one of my favorite movies, “Dead Poet’s Society”.  Robin Williams’ character would be like the Mother Hen, and his students are the chicks.  He’s guiding them to find their courage and passion for life so that they reach beyond their struggles and reveal their own unique potential within the human race. 

Jupiter in the 15th Degree of Libra:  Circular Paths

Jupiter squares the Moon-Sun opposition to create a dynamic aspect pattern called a T-Square.  Jupiter is the apex planet, meaning that the stress of the opposition gets focused here.  This symbol of ‘circular paths’ may manifest in feelings of traveling in circles and coming right back to where we’ve been before.  There may be a Déjà vu element present this weekend.  These could be cycles of growth or of stagnation.  If we’re falling into addictive patterns, we may just be spinning in circles and getting nowhere.  However, if we’re learning and growing along these circular paths, we’re coming back to where we began with a whole new set of tools and skills we didn’t have before…allowing us to break free of certain cycles we’ve outgrown.  Try not to get lost in the details of life’s labyrinth…there is a bigger picture here that Jupiter is highlighting.  Allow the cosmic rhythms to guide you back to your center.  Each of us is on our path, precisely where we need to be.  Where ever you find yourself this weekend will provide the experience you need to learn something new about your journey.  

Blessings to you on this Blessing Moon!
Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi

Friday, June 30, 2017

Chiron the Wounded Healer

Chiron the Wounded Healer

By Felina Lune Kavi

Chiron stations retrograde @ 2:09am CDT on 7-1-17 (Retrograde until 12-5-17)

Unlike the other centaurs, Chiron was born immortal.  He was son of the Titan, Chronos (associated with Saturn), and a nymph, Philyra. In his mythic storyline, both parents abandoned him…which was his original wound…but he became a great teacher and healer.  This is where he found the gift within his wound, in taking on a parental role for others and teaching them all he had learned from Apollo, God of Healing.  One such student, Hercules (Herakles), accidentally wounded Chiron in the knee with an arrow dipped in the blood of the Hydra.  This poisoned arrow caused an incurable wound in any it would hit.  And, since Chiron was immortal, the painful wound would have no end in death.  Chiron pleaded with Zeus to let him take the place of Prometheus and die.  Eventually, Zeus granted his wish to release his immortality from the Earth to the stars, where he became the constellation known as Sagittarius today.  This is a condensed version of Chiron’s mythic storyline, but it gives insight into how the energy of Chiron as a celestial body in our solar system plays out in our human nature on earth.  Chiron transits bring us to our oldest wounds to help us heal and feel whole again.

Interestingly, Chiron takes approximately 50 years to return to where it was in the zodiac when we were born.  Like the obvious transition we all experience as we approach age 30 when we have our first Saturn Return, the Chiron Return at age 50 is a significant shift in our lives.  Depending on where we are in our healing paths at age 50…we can either experience a profound healing that takes us into our “golden years” with a sense of wholeness and wisdom, or we can deny ourselves that healing by denying our deepest wounds…often resulting in a quicker deterioration during our aging process which adds on more and more wounds to deal with as we grow older.

Chiron’s position in the zodiac shows us where our sacred wound is, the path to healing it, and the healing gift we develop from that wound.  With a slow and erratic orbit, Chiron’s sign at the moment of our birth gives insight into the healing journey of our particular generation of healers…while the house position and aspects it makes to other celestial bodies can tell us more about the wounded healer within each individual.  Chiron’s sign, then, is the Tribe of Healers we are born into in this lifetime.  The house position expresses the area of focus, or the healer role within that tribe.  And the aspects to Chiron give us more definition in the mythic storyline of our healing path. 

For example, I was born while Chiron was in Taurus…and there is a large group of people born between 1976 and 1984 who can say the same (though Chiron retrograded back through Aries for a few months in ’76, and dipped into Gemini for a few months in ’83).  We share a generational wound that has to do with self-worth, often revolving around the physical body as our sacred wound.  But the house position of Chiron in Taurus more precisely pinpoints in what area of life that wounding plays out.  My natal placement of Chiron is in the 1st House (House of Self), conjunct my Ascendant.  Essentially, this particular placement (especially when conjunct the Ascendant) shows that I embody the archetype of the Wounded Healer…it is who I have chosen to be in this life…and my woundedness follows patterns similar to Chiron’s mythic storyline (even in the quincunx, or ‘uncomfortable growth aspect’, between Chiron and Saturn that was present at my birth…as well as other aspects that bring up other parts of the storyline).

But, as another example, someone in this Chiron in Taurus tribe of healers may have Chiron in the 7th House (the House of Primary Partnerships).  In that case, their wounding (as well as their healing path and healing gifts) are explored in their relationships with others.  Then the wound of self-worth plays out in the realm of relationships.  Or someone with Chiron in Taurus in the 12th House (the House of Shadows) might struggle with their woundedness in the realm of the Unconscious, where their original wound might be deeply repressed into their shadow.   

Currently, all of us are experiencing the world wound (and its healing path) through the collective expression of Chiron in Pisces.  Especially this weekend, as Chiron stations retrograde in Pisces, the focus of the wounds of our planet and all life on Earth pools as Chiron pauses…then shifts inwardly during the retrograde.  Chiron in Pisces is essentially a wound of separation from Great Spirit, marked by a healing path in service to Spirit and a desire for Divine Love expressed through us (or, in its lower vibrational expression, a denial of Spirit and an exacerbation of the wound of that separation…the “There is no God” assertion).  The gift within that wound is a wellspring of unconditional, transpersonal, universal love that is our remembering of and reconnecting with the Divine within.  We’ve all been traveling through this Piscean planetary healing for the past several years…outwardly and inwardly as Chiron shifts between direct and retrograde motion.  How this Chiron transit interacts with our natal planets, and especially with our natal Chiron, reflects our personal storylines in our individual healing paths. 

The specific degree that Chiron stations in tomorrow is the 29th degree of Pisces.  The sabian symbol for this degree is “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism”.  This process is symbolic of our own process of differentiation we go through in life.  We are, before conceived, unified with source light.  We are brought to Earth through the womb of our mother (the prism), and then shaped through that process into our individual expression (a rainbow of different colors, expressing different angles of deviation).  We do not lose the source light, but we reflect it in many different ways.  Essentially, there is no real separation from Great Spirit…only one of human perception.  We go from unity to multi-unity…where we express our Divine Spark in a multitude of ways. 

So as the focus upon woundedness, healing, and the gifts within the wounds is potent right now…allow yourself the freedom to explore what arises.  Hiding from, or trying to escape, our wounds only prolongs the healing process we all must go through to come to wholeness.  Painful as it can be, depending on where you are in your path, such shifts of energy are present as opportunities to heal ourselves in whatever way we most need at this time.  And in healing ourselves, we are healing our world.

For one of my favorite videos about the Chiron archetype, see The Wounded Healer.

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Moon in Cancer: Navigating a Change of Heart


New Moon in Cancer:  Navigating a Change of Heart

Moon conjunct Sun @ 9:30pm, 6-23-17

The Blessing Moon phase begins with our two luminaries meeting in Cancer…the sign of the Caretaker.  On Tuesday night, the Strong Sun entered Cancer at the Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) and the waning crescent Moon reflected that light on the shortest night of our year here in the North.  During this solstice each year, we collectively pause and take notice of how far we’ve come since the previous Equinox.  For many of us, we appreciate what we’ve accomplished in those growing days.  We can also see what was necessary to weed out in our lives in order to grow.   

Now, we come to a seasonal quarter in which we shift from one allegiance to another, symbolized by the shift from longer days into longer nights.  The Moon reigns now, until the Winter Solstice.  For us humans, a re-orientation begins in our lives that reflects this shift.  We often begin feeling into where we can be better caretakers…of ourselves, our loved ones, our environment, and our world.  Cancer is all about home and family…not just in the domestic sense, though attention to what is closest to us often comes first.  Home is not just our house, but also our body and our Earth.  Family is not just what we, ourselves, have created…but also the larger family of living beings on Earth as well as our ancestors from the past and our next generations to come.  This New Moon in Cancer provides us with a new beginning where we choose the path that best nurtures and aligns with the directional flow of our soul…the path where we lead with our heart.  In nurturing ourselves, we can better nurture others.

This new cycle begins in the 3rd Degree of Cancer, illuminating the symbol of “A man bundled up in fur leading a shaggy deer.”  Here, we are moving past what we know and travelling into the unknown.  This symbol evokes the image of the indigenous Sami Noaidi (shaman of the Nordic lands).  The Sami people are the only people who are allowed by law to continue their ancient custom of Reindeer husbandry…as it is integral to both their survival as well as their spirituality.  In my post about Deer Medicine, I mentioned the connection between deer (of all types) and the ley lines of the land. The symbol for this New Moon degree connects us with the Pathfinder archetype, and shows us how to use what is at our disposal to help navigate through life’s challenges.  Since the New Moon after the Spring Equinox, we have reached a state of preparedness through lunar initiations that has brought us to where we are now. Our sacred work lies before us, that which we’ve been building toward for months…and we must venture out into rough terrain with courage and conviction. 

Following a soul calling is no easy task…it is a Hero’s Journey, with all the tests and ordeals that follow.  We’ve all received the call to adventure this year, in some way. Something arose that pulled us out of our ordinary existence.  The call is different for everyone.  The death of a loved one that shakes us to our core, the necessity of career change, a failed relationship, moving to a different land, a health crisis…and suddenly we realize we can’t go on the same as we have been.  Significant changes in our lives have urged further transformation into the next stage of our individual journeys.  In the current astrological climate, where there is almost (*almost*) a respite after some heavy-hitting energetic shifts, some of us may take a step back and refuse the call momentarily.  If you are in that headspace, it can easily hold you back for longer than you intended.  Predictable gets comfortable, after all.  Until you start feeling regretful again. But by then, jumping in looks even more daunting.

Look to a mentor who will train, equip, or advise you to carry on (or, consider what you are reading here is a reflection of that encouraging energy…and the man leading the shaggy dear is showing you the way, if not the writer).  Many of us are already crossing the threshold into unfamiliar territory…and this New Moon will bring us our first test.

While I must remain vague on what is shifting in my own life right now, I can tell you that it has (in recent weeks, especially) triggered “ALL the feels”.  Cancer energy does that to many of us, after all.  I actually feel like I’m going through a grieving process, though no one close to me has died.  “One door closes and another opens” is an accurate description of this month for many of us.  Along with those feelings, confusion sets in as well.  Neptune Retrograde is still reminding us, “you don’t need to know everything right now…quit trying to make sense of it”.  Neptune, instead, keeps bringing us to dreamtime and otherworldly journeys…preparing our collective unconscious for what lies ahead.  Fortunately, I have a harmoniously aspected Neptune Retrograde in my own natal makeup…so the cryptic, symbolic language outside of our conscious understanding is where I often find deeper truths anyway.  Which brings me to the following…which can be considered my own Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Three months ago, I received the 7 archetypes into my chakras through the Harmony Rite of the Munay-Ki.  Each new and full moon since, I have been integrating them one at a time, from root to crown.  This New Moon is my final integration, where I am focusing on Pachakuti in my Crown Chakra.  Pachakuti is the organizing principle and Guardian of the Upper World in Incan cosmology…the Keeper of Possibilities, Transformer of the World.  In the Upper World, the Hanaq Pacha, we step outside of linear time and into circular time.  Pachakuti can make time stand still, bringing heavenly order.  Coming into relationship with Pachakuti allows us to recognize what can be changed and that we can change things before they are born. 

Pachakuti the Transformer

In the void, I asked Mama Tuta for clarity.  I was taken to the realm of the Stone People.  An apacheta (a stone cairn) at the base of a mountain told me to climb up the mountain.  Tall as it was, it took no time at all to climb…there is a certain heaviness of limitations that is left behind with the body while traveling through non-ordinary realms.  I was familiar with this mountain, though my body had never even been near it.  I had climbed to the citidel in the sky of Machu Picchu. 

“Is anyone here to guide me?”  I asked in this Upper World Realm. 

A Stone Giant, which I hadn’t noticed until it moved slightly to face me, answered.  “I am always here.”

“Are you Pachakuti?”

The Stone Giant’s features looked amused by my question.  “Pachakuti is in all of us.”

“I see.  Can you tell me what am I here to learn?”

He pointed the way.  “Go to the Intiwatana stone. You will know it.”

“Thank you.”  I replied, and walked in the direction of a large, terraced pyramid.

At the top, there was a beautifully carved piece of granite that looked like an altar.  As I stood before it, the rising sun projected a triangle of light through the stone and illuminated two concentric circles on the floor. 

It occurred to me that I should place my left ring finger in the center of the circles, since it is my only finger with a concentric whorl print.  When I did, two figures of Tai Tai Inti (The Sun) and Mama Killa (The Moon) appeared on either side of me. 

“We appreciate you paying attention to our dance.”  Mama Killa said.

“I have learned a lot from both of you over the years. Thank you for your wisdom.”  I replied.

“This lesson will be different, as you can see.”  Tai Tai Inti told me.  “The New Moon after the Solstice marks a time when the people on Earth have a choice of many timelines.  The one they have chosen previously is not sustainable.  The people in your country, specifically, are approaching a great change.  Pachakuti awaits their choice.”

“Do you mean the Total Solar Eclipse is the great change?”  I asked.

“Yes.  When you see me glide across and cover his light with my body…your country’s day will turn to night.  Your people’s shadows will have the opportunity to become conscious.  Celebratory as many will seem in being part of this, it will also feel as though long-untended wounds of their ancestors are reopening to be healed.”  Mama Killa warned.

“You must work together to heal those wounds, as they are also the wounds of Pachamama.”  Tai Tai Inti added.

“So this New Moon begins…what, exactly, for us?”  I asked.

“It begins the coming together of your people…all of them, not just the one’s who have already committed to consciously healing.  The intention must be set to reach as many as possible between now and the coming eclipse, to encourage each unique medicine within them as you can.  Too many are in a destructive dream state.  Their illusion is that nothing can be, or should be, changed.”  Tai Tai Inti answered.

“The truth is, everything changes, one way or another.”  Mama Killa said.

“And we have to change it to the best possible outcome.”  I agreed.

Mama Killa smiled.  Tai Tai Inti gestured toward the top of the stone altar.  “Look here.”  He told me.

I placed my forehead against the top of the warm stone.  Visions flooded in.  The globe of the earth from a cosmic view.  The focus zoomed in above where the path of the eclipse would be soon…from Oregon to South Carolina.  Little lights along the path moved closer to each other and brightened the darkness between them.  Lights from north and south moved in as well and joined.  A heartbeat grew louder and louder.

I lifted my head, amazed.  I turned to Tai Tai Inti and Mama Killa.  “You’re bringing them together.  They don’t yet understand the greater reason, but they are being drawn in.”

They nodded in agreement.  I thanked them and returned home.

For more information on the 7th Gate of Authority, where we reclaim our reconnection to the Divine and to our spiritual Self, check out 7th Chakra:  Healing the Spirit.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Attention is the Coin of the Realms

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Attention is the Coin of the Realms
Moon opposite Sun @ 8:10am, 6-9-17

The Strong Sun Moon may appear tiny, but it will pack a powerful punch.  It looks smaller in our night sky because it is at apogee (exact at 5:22pm CDT yesterday, June 8th), when the moon is in the farthest point of its orbit from earth.  To the casual moongazer, the size difference may not be as obvious as a supermoon (moon at perigee)…because at apogee, the moon only appears up to about 14% smaller.  Quiet and distant though she may seem, this Full Moon has a big message that may hit close to home for many of us (if it hasn’t already…since the energy leading up to it has been anything but subtle).
Before going into the astrological details, I feel the urge to remind you that you are not alone.  For many of us, we’re experiencing great shifts in our lives this month…and for some, the manifestations of these circumstances can be downright brutal, depressing, or scary (or all of the above, and more).  If you feel this doesn’t apply to your life right now (or you are experiencing huge shifts but in a really positive way)…be there for someone who is going through turbulent transformation.  Help them through it however you shine best in their lives.  These are the very catalysts that can make or break an individual…and we don’t need anymore broken people.  We’ve seen the worst of what that can do.  Whether you are in the thick of something, or willing to help another through it, don’t be afraid of your ability to transform heavy energies.  Every one of us can do it, though it is more difficult to do it when we are in a powerless state.  Protect the planet.  Use your medicine where needed.  Make your intention clear, and allow for miracles to manifest.

Inner Planet Ingresses
Our three inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) all shifted into new signs this week.  These are known in astrology as the “personal planets”…their cycles and placements within the natal chart having very personal effects upon each individual (as opposed to the outer, transpersonal planets…which often have very global effects in transit and generational effects in natal charts).  On Sunday, Mars moved into Cancer.  On Tuesday, Venus moved into Taurus and Mercury moved into Gemini.
Mars’s ingress into the sign of Cancer shifts the focus of actions and desires into the watery oceans of emotion.  This can feel combative at first, until Mars settles in to this sign of home and family.  Where is the beginning of Cancer in your natal chart?  Mine is in the 3rd house of communication…and I have already had to check myself a couple times this week in response to emotional triggers.  There can be a very protective energy to this Mars in Cancer combination…and threats to the freedom or well being of loved ones, families, children, or the home environment can give rise to the warrior within. Even those of us without these familial influences featuring strongly in our lives will still likely feel a need to lash out in response to emotional attacks from within or without.  However, this is not what Mars in Cancer is all about, but it can incline such behavior.  As Mars moves through this sign until July 20th, we are all confronting our emotions head on…and at every instance, we have to realize ‘what part of this feeling is mine and what part belongs to the other person?’  Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the lower energies that others may be acting out.  Energy always needs a place to go…and if it's not healthy, don’t give it a home within you when it’s not yours to begin with.  You have your own emotions to work on.  If you feel safe enough to do empath work, you can help the other person raise their frequency so they don’t spread those lower vibrations to others and do any more damage.  If you don’t, or don’t have empathic inclinations, just steer clear and don’t feed into it.  Focus on how you are feeling.  Cancer energy can help us get to the root of emotions, and Mars’s battle here is really one of taking right action in response to those triggers and softening the blows.
Venus was a warrioress herself for most of the Spring in the sign of Aries, but her recent ingress into Taurus has her once again laying down her battle gear and getting back to more pleasurable experiences.  After the battle of the Divine Feminine resurfacing in a world inclined toward patriarchy, Venus shifts our focus to what it is that we truly value and love to do.  What brings us joy and pleasure?  And how can we receive an abundance of those things in healthy ways?  The area of the chart where Taurus begins gives clues to where in your life this Venusian shift is focusing for you.  Venus in the sign of the Gardener says ‘the seeds of the Spring have sprouted and grown, the flowers have blossomed, the fruit of our labors are coming to be enjoyed.  This summer is the time to make what you love be what you do.”
Mercury’s ingress into Gemini is as harmonious a placement as Venus is in Taurus.  The mind delights in the efficient gathering of information, networking with others, and communicating knowledge. Do pay attention to where your mental energy is focused.  The house in your natal chart where Gemini begins can clue you in to what area of your life needs this mental shift most. 

Sagittarius Full Moon and Jupiter Station
Traditionally, in astrology, the sign of Sagittarius is said to be ruled by Jupiter.  In this full moon’s chart, Jupiter is stationed and turns direct shortly after the Full Moon’s exaction…so the potency of Jupiter’s focus on growth, abundance, and luck pools and amplifies the energies at play during this lunation.  A Full Moon in Sagittarius while Jupiter is stationed in Libra is a rare occurrence, so it is interesting that the very same occurrence can be found in Donald Trump’s birth chart (though his birth was just before an eclipse, but he was also born on a Friday in June).  I felt this synchronicity should be brought to light.  I don’t like even mentioning his name because I don’t resonate with much of anything he puts out into our world (I don’t hold any hostility toward those who support him, I just have no natural alignment with his way of life or his actions on the world stage…as if that isn’t already obvious…and what he and I care about is in stark contrast).  But it should be mentioned because it seems this Full Moon is going to be affecting him probably more than anyone else most of us know of…and the whole world will be watching how that’s going to play out.  For those of you reading this, magical thinking is more powerful than wishful thinking…if you want to give energy to necessary change, set clear intentions and connect with others to harmonize the will of the collective.

Strong Sun in the 19th degree of Gemini:  “A large archaic volume”
We, as human beings, carry a vast amount of knowledge and heritage with us.  All of this, together, is the collective mind of the human race…to which this symbol refers.  The Strong Sun in this degree opens this large archaic volume into the light of consciousness during this Full Moon, teaching us from many wisdom traditions that are the foundations beneath any of our cultural or individual mindsets.  This wisdom is of remembering (or, rather, re-membering…putting pieces of ourselves back together as a whole).  Modern day living has a way of scattering us from one direction to the next…many of us just trying to find our center within a sea of distractions.  By now, we have learned that focused intention is a powerful way to manifest what we truly need in our lives.  But there is more to learn.  There is always more to learn.  Taking time to connect with guides and ancestors can bring beneficial answers and highlight the parts of our path that we’re not seeing during this busy month.  At the very least, soaking up some sun in the next few days can bring a download of wisdom into your body too.  Sun is conjunct Ceres (which was exact on Monday, but has been in effect for a couple weeks now), which is the asteroid of the Caretaker, the Nurturing Mother.  So the Sun is also highlighting how we are nurturing others, and in what ways we feel nurtured.  If one expression has been outweighing the other, we will be called to find a balance.

Mini Moon in the 19th degree of Sagittarius:  “Pelicans moving their habitat”
There is a need to find a new way of life…to remove ourselves from what is no longer serving us and, in many cases, threatening our health or survival.  Pelican medicine is focused on flock and family, especially the younger generations.  The collective feeling of this moon is to create some distance (moon is at apogee, after all) between what is toxic in our lives now and what we really need in order to heal.  With Chiron at the zenith (Midheaven) during the Full Moon exaction, our woundedness will receive a spotlight in all of this…guiding us toward our specific healing path.  Saturn is also conjunct the moon, though a few degrees away.  Still, the energy of restriction and difficult lessons is building into a moment of maturation that may manifest a little later in the day.  

Pluto in the 19th degree of Capricorn:  “A small child with a huge shopping bag”
Pluto here is activating an aspect pattern with the luminaries that we might call an ‘Irritation Triangle’.  With a semi-sextile to the Moon, Pluto focuses a sharp wedge of uncomfortable energy toward the Sun through an inconjunct (or quincunx…150 degrees) aspect.  The inconjunct is a little jarring, but is meant to encourage necessary growth.  In this degree of Capricorn, Pluto carries a heavy load of transformative energy.  Where ever the sun is transiting in our natal chart (19 Gemini) is where that pressure will be felt most, and where ever Pluto is in our natal chart (19 Capricorn) is where it is coming from.  This is an energy of accelerated growth…where the child is carrying out responsibilities even before fully developing in effort to help out.  Essentially, you may not feel ready to be of service in the way that you want to…but situations will still arise to prove to you that you are ready to grow quickly into whatever role is calling you.  Don’t hold yourself back because you don’t have degrees and experience…take on the experience as it comes.  Maybe it’s that you’re afraid to do something on your own.  The truth is, you can.  This is not a time to stay comfortably where we’ve always been operating…it’s a time to break out of routine and try something new.  Pluto is conjunct Juno at this time so there may be an obvious focus on relationships as well.  For those that are suffering under the weight of unhealthy relationships, here’s your chance to make a break (it may not be a clean break, things could get messy…but if it’s necessary then Juno is empowering you to do what you need to do).  For others, this may just be an uncomfortable growth period in your relationships.  You might need to make personal changes without waiting on your partner to get on board and change too.  Do it anyway, and allow them their own time to develop at their own pace.  Taking the initiative to make healthy changes in yourself often inspires those close to us to do the same for themselves.  Inspiration is often a better motivator than forceful demands.

Jupiter Stations Direct in the 14th degree of Libra:  “A noon siesta”
 Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, has been retrograde since February.  During the Full Moon, Jupiter is stationed (not moving, from our point of view on earth anyway) and will turn to direct (forward) movement less than an hour after the full moon at 9:03am Friday morning.  With all this activity, there is an evident need for a period of relaxation and recuperation…so that we may recharge and allow ourselves to ‘digest’.  So, don’t forget self-care…things like meditation or even napping will do wonders for our bodies and our psyches this month.  We are not meant to sustain constant activity.  We all need a little down time to rest and digest.  Jupiter, as one of the social planets (along with Saturn), reminds us that social structuring cannot be maintained without taking breaks.  Dreamtime during this station (as well as the time leading up to it and following) may present us with messages and answers we need for the growth period that is occurring now. Jupiter stations in harmonious aspects to the opposing luminaries, so if you want to tap into the best of what this full moon has to offer, drop Pluto’s heavy load for a moment and take time to quiet the nervous tension that’s been building.  Pick it up again with a renewed sense of optimism and determination after a much-needed, though probably short-lived, break from activity.

The Uncomfortable Growth of the Inconjunct Aspect
Pluto isn’t the only inconjunct pushing for growth this full moon (though he is the only one directly focused on the full moon energy, so his transformative influence is going to be obvious).  There are two important, and interconnected, aspect patterns occurring at this time that are a combination of inconjunctions and sextiles.  The aspect patterns are called Yods (also known as ‘The Finger of God’).  This is about timing and adjustment…it has the same feeling of uncomfortable growth from the inconjunct aspects, but the sextile presents a more apparent opportunity to take necessary action in that growth.  The pattern looks like an isosceles triangle…and the apex planet at the point across from the sextile is where the ‘finger of God’ is pointing you to make an adjustment. 
One of these yods involves the sextile between Stationary Jupiter in Libra and Vesta in Leo (asteroid of the Priestess of the Sacred Flame), both inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces (which will be stationing retrograde next week).  The other yod involves the sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Juno in Capricorn (mentioned above in conjunction with Pluto), both inconjunct to Vesta in Leo.  It is the square between Jupiter and Juno (husband and wife, King and Queen) right now that’s providing the stressful activation of these yods, but they are pointing us to adjust where Neptune (Pisces 15) and Vesta (Leo 14) are in our natal charts. 
Neptune in Pisces is the Mystic, the Empath, the World Server, the Healer.  Spiritual and helpful as this placement is, in an inconjunct its attributes of being confusing, nebulous, and escapist can be heightened.  However, the yod pointing here is not necessarily a call to develop clarity in the area of life it is transiting, but more to go with the flow of not knowing.  It may be a message to stop trying to control everything and just allow the adjustment to happen in a mystical manner.  Or it may be another call to ask guides or just trust Spirit.  Again, meditation, shamanic journeying, or revelations during dreamtime may be more along the lines of what you need to make some adjustments.
Vesta in Leo is the Fire Priestess, the Heart-Centered Leader, the Divine Child, the Caretaker of the Creative Spark Within.  In many ways, the roles are similar…but the mode of expression is illuminating and fiery with Vesta while Neptune is watery and mysterious.  The inconjunct aspects to Vesta point a focus toward hearth and home, and tending the sacred flame within.  Interestingly, the Roman word for hearth is ‘focus’…and that kind of dedication is what Vesta is known for.  Where Vesta is transiting is where you need to create your sacred space and connect with the shakti energy of the Divine Feminine, or where you can reconnect with your inner child and how much they know about the very thing that makes you feel alive being the thing you should be focused on creating in your life.  The challenge is that it may not be anything close to what you’re actually giving your energy to lately.  Therein lies the need for adjustment to facilitate growth.
Let us not forget the Grand Fire Trine mentioned in my last post about the New Moon.  It’s still in full effect…and the Full Moon axis is nearly making it into a Kite pattern…with the Sun as an anchor to give the harmonious creativity some form.  Yes, there is a lot of uncomfortable energy surrounding us…and yes, there is potential for crisis…but there are also cathartic, creative outlets still there for us to tap into and explore.  

Journeying with the Archetypes
At the end of March, I received the shamanic archetypes of the Munay Ki into my chakras through the Harmony Rite.  At this lunation, I am integrating Quetzalcoatl into my Third Eye Chakra.  Quetzalcoatl is the Guardian of the Middle World and our Consciousness, known as ‘The Feathered Serpent’ because he is a combination of the bird (Quetzal, representing the link to the sky and the Upper World) and the snake (Coatl, representing the link to the earth and the Lower World).  He is known as the Lord of the Dawn, the Day Bringer, and the Morning Star (Venus).  Quetzalcoatl brings harmony and order, organizing our conscious, waking life.  The Feathered Serpent holds the animistic wisdom of our Earth that, when called upon, can bring necessary order to our practical, material world.  In times like these, a little divine organization goes a long way.

Quetzalcoatl the Morning Star

Just before dawn, I woke up and walked outside.  I sang ‘Guided by Venus’ to the Morning Star, and welcomed her on my journey.  My cat, Ani, rubbed against my feet. I bent down and rubbed her head.

“What are you doing out here?”  I asked.  It seemed a valid question, since she’s usually reluctant to go outside.

She answered by leading me to the backyard, through our garden.  It wasn’t quite the same at the break of dawn as I remembered it at other times.  The gentle breeze seemed to make everything dance.  I realized I had rarely ever been in our garden for a summer sunrise, and certainly not for a few years at least.  Am I really that nocturnal?

“Yes, you are.” Ani replied to my thought.  “But the Day Bringer has a message for you today, that’s why you’re here.  I’m here to guide you.”

“This is still dreamtime?” I asked, sitting next to my familiar beside the strawberry patch.  “I thought I was awake.”

“We both are, but our bodies are still sleeping in bed.  I’m still on your legs.  Our souls have sacred work to do.” She jumped down from the edge of the raised bed and looked east with me.  The first strokes of sunrise painted the horizon.

“I love you, Ani.  I’m glad you’re with me.”

Ani rubbed her head against my hand then sat in my lap, purring. “I love you too.”

The sunrise was rapid, almost like time was accelerating.  Then at the first glimpse of the fiery orb over the horizon, a large and radiant phoenix flew from the east toward us.  It landed on a garter snake at the south entrance of the garden and took it gently into its claws, circling low around the perimeter of the garden beds.  Then as the phoenix with the snake began to slowly descend before us, both of them transformed into one of my Spirit Guides, a black-haired woman with changeable wings.  Her wings were white and angelic now.

“You’re Quetzalcoatl?  I’ve always called you Deja Vu.”  I said to her.

“I’m Quetzalcoatl in a form you know.  You can still call me Deja Vu.  It’s an appropriate name for our connection.”

“Ani says you have a message for me.” I stood up as Ani hopped down from my lap.

“Yes.  You share your understanding of ‘as above, so below’…but you must also share your understanding of ‘as within, so without’.  Your tribe will say ‘be the change we wish to see in this world’…but then they will worry about how to change the world and will scatter their focus for something to do outside of themselves to create that change.  Becoming the change is inner work, the outer work follows a flow that starts within.  The outer world reflects back to you the inner changes you make.  This is forgotten or ignored when people worry about the state of the world.  With worry within, the worries manifest and amplify without.”

“Yes, we have to send out harmonious healing by transmuting our consciousness from heavy energy to light energy.”  I agreed.

She winked, “From lead into gold.”

“It’s difficult to piece together the best way to explain that. Do you have any advice on organizing my thoughts into the right words?”

“As you say in your acting classes…’Don’t just tell me, show me.’”  She replied and flew away again toward the sun. 

Ani started walking back to the house, turning her head over her shoulder to say, “Time to return.”

For more information on the 6th Gate of Perception, where we reclaim our spiritual vision and our ability to manifest spirit into matter, check out 6th Chakra:  Healing the Thoughts.

Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi