Friday, November 17, 2017

New Moon in Scorpio: From the Ashes

New Moon in Scorpio: From the Ashes
Moon conjunct Sun @ 5:42am CST, 11-18-17

The energy of Scorpio is at a peak now as we begin this ‘Long Nights’ Moon phase.  Not only do we have our luminaries focused here, but Jupiter and Venus are still conjunct in Scorpio and the asteroids of Vesta and Psyche moved into Scorpio together this week as well.  Three conjunctions pool a lot of power into this water sign.  Scorpio is a mysterious, shape-shifting sign (after all, the Scorpion is not the only totem related with Scorpio energy…there is also Spider, Lizard, Serpent, Wolf, Eagle, and Phoenix).  Scorpio also has two ruling planets:  Mars and Pluto…two heavy-hitters who are currently in a harsh square with each other and pushing for necessary action and change.  The energy of Scorpio can be transformative, intense, magnetic, tantric, and passionate…sometimes even obsessive, dramatic, and destructive.  It all depends on the mood and the motive…both of which are often heavily guarded secrets in this energy. 

With an emphasis on the water element, reinforced by flowing trines to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, there is an undercurrent of empathy and intuition at this time.  There is also a deep dive into the emotional realm, which we may have grown accustomed to this past month…though it may be a bit more forceful this time.  Whatever may still be lurking in the depths even after all we’ve been through lately…it may become the underlying theme of this next lunar month. If you’ve been holding something back, brace yourself for the storm.  If you’ve been riding the waves for a while, letting the truth flow with each push and pull, now is the time you can find the larger truth that brings you ashore for some reflection after catharsis. 

The intent of all these elemental lessons of the Water Mysteries we’re experiencing this Autumn is to purify and allow healing.  Loss is often an integral part of this season’s transition into Winter…but the Wheel of the Year keeps turning.  The abundance we gathered at the Harvest will carry us through the Long Nights, and the choices we make for this New Moon will set the tone for the New Beginnings to come.  Set your intentions now…and as the Long Nights Moon waxes to full, trust that they will come to fruition with your dedication and care.  Transformation takes time, so don’t expect everything you wish for to be realized in one month.  But if you’re setting intentions now, mark your calendar for the Full Scorpio Moon at the end of April next year…because that is when these intentions will really start to blossom. 

On a global scale…can you feel the pulse of what’s happening?  This may be the year we look back on as a global society and see how every disguise at the Masquerade of the Patriarchy really began being stripped away in one way or another.  Sometimes by surprise, sometimes by volition.  But always as another piece in the puzzle to reveal the larger truth behind societal dysfunction.  Just as one of many examples…the #MeToo movement came in like a tidal wave and ushered in a dose of the same medicine for celebrities and politicians as well.  The point I’m getting at is that, unless you had no secrets left to reveal this year, there was bound to be some sort of purging that had to happen.  Our humanity is in a deep healing process right now.  For some, it can be very painful.  For others, scary.  For most of us, transformative.  May the changes we are going through bring our best possible outcome.

On a personal note...this year has been one of intense consolidation of all I’ve been learning.  So many big personal transits amongst (or, often, coinciding with) the already dynamic transits we’re all experiencing together.  This New Moon is even transiting my own natal Moon in Scorpio.  When a monthly lunar return lines up with a New Moon, the month ahead can be a very powerful initiation.  At this point, I am ready for whatever may come.  I am actively co-creating with the energy this year and have deepened my ability to trust the Universe…even when the results are unexpected.

Scorpio 27:  Drumming Up Emotions

The Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of Scorpio is “A military band on the march”.  As my natal moon’s degree, it reveals pieces of my soul’s past, my childhood, my emotional needs and comforts, as well as my habits.  Scorpio gives a theme of pushing the boundaries to reveal the deeper truths of life, while this particular degree of Scorpio keeps it in tight formation both for purposes of entertainment and uplifting effect on others as well as for respectfully accompanying the challenges of life and death.  There is a need for precision here which can lead to perfectionism (in my life, I have learned that crossing the fine line into perfectionism often leads to procrastination).  It is beneficial to be precise, but perfect isn’t even the true goal of practice.  ‘Practice makes progress’ should be the phrase we teach our children. 

I didn’t grow up with an overwhelming feeling of needing to be perfect for my parents.  I often felt far from perfect, really.  But there was this need to ‘fall in line’ with the norm of our family dynamics…even though I was clearly an Edgewalker from the beginning.  Achievement and putting our best foot forward was part of the parental moral code passed down to my brothers and me.  I could excel in my school studies and my grades, so that was where I put most of my focus as a young woman…even as I pushed the boundaries in other areas (much to my parents’ chagrin).  But giving up without really trying was occasionally grounds for getting grounded.  I did a month in the ‘Pink Clink’ (grounded to my room) for quitting Volleyball as a preteen.  The pastel pink walls of my bedroom that seemed to make a mockery of my supposed weaknesses were initially a gift from my parents after we moved to our home when I was 8 years old.  It was my favorite color then, by far.  But after living with it for years, the color soon took on a garish feel that accelerated my push away from childhood and into the complex colors of womanhood.  Purple has been the signature color of my womanhood ever since…likely, in part, because of all of the ‘blues’ I poured out into pages of poetry within that pink bedroom.

There I go, off on a bit of a reminiscent tangent…only to pull myself back ‘in step’ with the rhythm I meant to follow.  Back to the military marching band image.  As a unit, they can stir up unity and powerful emotions in a crowd…even a feeling of being part of something bigger than us all, empowering us to keep marching forward in our own lives and take on whatever comes.  And yet, within that band are many individuals all with their own paths to take…called to march to the beat of their own drum when the need arises.  This New Moon degree is both a consolidation of many unique gifts into one concerted effort as well as a reminder of our own individual participation within the whole. 

This is where ‘putting on a show’ is no longer about masquerading as something you’re not.  It’s about, as I teach my theatre students, working together with people of many different backgrounds, experiences, and talents to co-create a performance that is purposeful, meaningful, and moves people.  Acting is about DOING and BEING, after all.  And to practice the dramatic arts is to refine your ability to DO and BE anything. Theatre Geek that I am (I learned in 5th grade that I wasn’t really cut out to be in the Band), I have to apply this symbol to the styles of performance that I know. Of course, the same responsibility of every band member working as a whole with their group achieves a similar outcome. 

One of the heavier implications of this energy has to do with pride.  Making others proud, being proud of yourself…those aren’t always bad things, it can be motivating to do your best.  However, fear of failure can creep in and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.  This energy can have you questioning if you ‘measure up’.  Negative thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’ tend to cloud over self-motivators like ‘I’m doing my best’.  Those thoughts can then spiral into the weighty feelings of being responsible for ruining things for everyone else too if you make a mistake.  How you handle being under pressure may be tested at this New Moon. 

On a larger scale, this symbol evokes feelings of national pride as well.  However, such feelings are tenuous and strained right now.  Harkening back to the theme of ‘outward displays’ at the last Full Moon, we may see a lot of fanfare, pageantry, razzle-dazzle, and people tooting their own horn in an effort to keep up the mask that everything is under control…that we’re the best country in the world…and that ‘Make America Great Again’ is an actual goal and not just propaganda.  Of course, in our current state of warranted distrust of people in power, the marching band may sound a lot more like a noisy distraction (to many of us, it’s sounded like that for a while now).  The ‘musicians’ may not have their heart in it…and following orders may come across as robotic instead of inspiring.  However, in this cosmic climate of Scorpio…truths are meant to be revealed.  When you spot a distraction, look for what’s being covered up.  In this call-out culture, more and more of us are waking up to what’s real.

One of the things that may be forced even more into the light will be our addictions…both individual and collective…as Neptune is about to station direct.  What are we using to numb the pain of living?  Addictions are not always about drugs and alcohol…our own president is so obviously addicted to receiving attention that he doesn’t seem to mind whether it’s negative or positive attention he gets.  Many are addicted to material possessions, love, work, money, fame, electronics, drama, pain, memories of the past, etc.  Oil addiction will certainly be in the spotlight…since Neptune rules both oil and addiction.  Just yesterday, it was revealed that the Keystone Pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota (not their first leak, but a major one).  This, just days before officials in my own state of Nebraska will announce whether the Keystone XL pipeline will move forward.  We’re all hoping this will cement the decision as an ‘absolutely not’…but we shall see what the New Moon brings.

Keep in mind that there will be triumphs to be sincerely celebrated…if not where you hoped they would be, then somewhere else.  Something will arise to make us proud of the work we put in with others.  Something will fall in line even while so many things are revealed to be ‘out of line’ with humanity.  Follow THAT drum beat, the one aligned with your heartbeat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and march on.

Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Jupiter Return:  A Path to Prosperity

The Jupiter Return:  A Path to Prosperity

This is my 3rd Jupiter Return, as it takes Jupiter approximately 12 years to return to the same degree of the zodiac as it was when one was born.  Jupiter is the first of two ‘social planets’…positioned between the ‘personal planets’ and ‘generational planets’.  The Social Planets show us our specialty in our societal groups and teach us how to hone our interests into skill sets for the purpose of interacting with our community.  When we go through our Jupiter Returns, we are expanding our horizons and following our bliss.  It is a very lucky influence…and often inclines experiences of being in the right place at the right time with the right people.  People enter your life or come into prominence in your life experience at this time that act as angels or blessings.  In my experience of my 2nd Jupiter Return I became pregnant with my firstborn, Alyrica Rayven. Soon after, I moved back to Omaha (where I now live) and became re-acquainted with an old friend who is now my husband, Michael.  Both have been significant blessings in my life since. 

Jupiter’s call leads you to your unique version of prosperity in this life.  The position of Jupiter at your birth can show you your most expansive path toward soul growth and enlightenment.  Whether Jupiter is direct or retrograde shows you if the quest is more of an outward or inward exploration.  The house position shows you in what area of life Jupiter’s lessons will focus.  The aspects Jupiter was making when you were born show other energies at play on your enlightenment path. The sign shows you the type of quest you are to undertake as you explore these lessons.  And the specific degree Jupiter was in when you were born gives clues to the experiences and skills that you will explore and expand upon on this quest. 

I was born when Jupiter was Retrograde in the 8th degree of Scorpio, which resides in my 6th House of Health and Daily Service.  Jupiter was in harmonious aspects with Venus (my guiding planet) and the asteroids of Juno and Psyche when I was born…and also in a dynamic square with Vesta.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘a calm lake bathed in moonlight’.  With the retrograde influence, mine is an inward quest for prosperity.  With the watery imagery of the lake, the connection with the moon, as well as the depths of the water sign of Scorpio, this is a quest through my inner feelings and emotions.  There is great depth in this realm of my personality, though (on the surface) I am often calm, peaceful, and still enough to reflect higher inspiration from what illuminates my feeling nature…or, at least, this is how I’ve learned to hone those skills so far.  I was not always able to achieve such emotional calm.  It was, and continues to be, a significant part of my growth in this life.  But greater understanding of my own feeling nature has brought me the skill set that has enabled me to pursue my sacred work, which has brought prosperity into my life and also the lives of those I serve.  Jupiter’s influence in my life is explored through healing work (6th House) related to spiritual love and service in relationships for friends and community (Jupiter trine 11th House Venus in Pisces), commitment and responsibilities in marriage as well as female empowerment lessons (Jupiter sextile 9th House Juno in Capricorn), creative focus through mind and soul alignment (Jupiter sextile 5th House Psyche in Virgo), and dynamic changes in my sacred work as a Priestess of Gaia (Jupiter square 10th House Vesta in Aquarius).  All of these explorations have deepened this year for me, and my path ahead is clearer than ever now.

In this 3rd Jupiter Return, the call of Venus’s influence in my life is palpable.  Right now, Venus in Scorpio is closing in on a conjunction with Jupiter (exact at 2:05am CST on November 13th) where they meet at this 8th degree of Scorpio.  Venusian Healing has been an integral part of my enlightenment path, especially since my 2nd Venus Return…and this year really feels like I’m activating her medicine in a greater way.  Jupiter Returns oftentimes coincide with taking workshops and classes to improve your skills and expand upon your interests (which I have been doing all year).  This year I have deepened my shamanic practice by becoming a Mesa Carrier and exploring my soul lineage through the teachings of the Q’ero people of the Peruvian Andes, harnessed the power of my inner shakti through tantric dance, dedicated myself to celebrate more with ceremony and learn from elders at each full moon, and have been learning more about sound healing through ParaTan mantra practice.  The Jupiter Return is a time to immerse yourself in your passions and expand your skill set to open you up to new opportunities to shine.  You find yourself becoming more visible within your community and feeling lucky to be alive at this place and time, no matter the struggles that growth may bring.  Though it has not been my experience this time, travel is often associated with this time as well as a way to expand your horizons and experience. 

Just today, I arrived at ParaTan to learn and practice the Kali Mantra…and something quite extraordinary (and personal) happened with each of us together.  We went overtime because a deep sharing between us happened…leaving us wide open and grateful to be in the presence of each other at that time.  These sacred sharings amongst people in my community have been happening at nearly every gathering, class, or workshop I’ve been attending this year…things that are not planned, just spontaneous sharings that end up being the exact thing that one or more of us needed to hear to shift something inside of us and liberate our life force energy.  In this Scorpio energy, such sharings are truly moving and deeply cathartic.

What Jupiter has taught me thus far is that prosperity is a seed that grows from inside each of us…one which we must appreciate, cultivate, and care for with all we learn and experience in life.  Only then can it fully blossom in our awareness and branch out into our lives externally.  Gratitude for the blessings you were born with and the blessings that follow is the stuff that feeds that healthy growth from deep in our own soil.  Love is the water that nourishes that growth.  And trust is the light that encourages that prosperity to grow upwards and outwards, generously giving and receiving in balance with the world around us. 

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Full Moon in Taurus:  Potentials, Aspirations, and Appearances in a ‘Have or Have Not’ World

Full Moon in Taurus:  Potentials, Aspirations, and Appearances in a ‘Have or Have Not’ World
Moon opposite Sun @ 12:21am CDT, 11-4-17

Welcome to the Mourning Moon in her full display! This is the “time which is no time” between Samhain (the Witches’ New Year) and Yule (the Winter Solstice, which begins the 12 days of Yule that lead us into the New Year of 2018).  In this darkest transition of the Wheel of the Year, celebrations of the New Year are suspended until daylight begins increasing again.  In this suspended time, we witness the many deaths and transformations in our environment and we turn inward as well.  Dreary as it sounds (and often looks and feels to us northerners under blankets of snow), this ‘between time’ holds great potential for otherworldly, metaphysical experiences.  The veils between worlds thin at Samhain (Sundown of October 31st) and that window into heightened perception stays open for a couple of months.  This is the first full moon of “no time”, and is just as dynamic as when it was new on October 19th.  This year’s Mourning Moon is an active time of cosmic interplay where we are drawn to the dynamics of group experience…all the while being pulled into inward reflection by the very nature of the season.  Two strong oppositions are leading the ebb and flow of these energies, calling for balance:  the usual Sun-Moon opposition of the Full Moon and the unusual Venus-Uranus opposition at the same time.

The Full Moon Opposition-  Appealing to the Public Eye

In this set of Sabian Symbols, we see some distinct themes:  display, aspiration, potential, appearance, measuring-up, leveling-up, refinement, and even feeling out of your league.  Social ‘prestige’ (a word that literally means ‘trick’ or ‘illusion’) is tempting the ego at this time.  Neptune, who often acts as the Planetary Prestidigitator, makes harmonious aspects to the luminaries at this Full Moon, and so is included as a key to both balancing the opposition and lifting the veil on what we thought we believed to be true. Ceres, asteroid of the Nurturer, is in a harsh square with the luminaries and an inconjunct to Neptune...possibly throwing a bit of a wet blanket on our desire to escape into a more enchanted life.

Moon in Taurus 12- A Couple Window-Shopping

Hopes and dreams for the future are featured at this time.  Our culture and its advertising narratives of life becoming easier, or better, or more beautiful if we have this or that may be an undercurrent.  Be careful not to slip into materialism, or retail therapy, as a means to satisfy your craving for a better life.  At the heart of this symbol is a couple on a quest for shared experiences and happiness.  After all, there are other windows opening up at this time to peer through and connect with what you might be looking for. Notice, too, that while looking into someone else’s window display that you find appealing…a slight change of perspective reflects your own image back at you.  In that mirrored reflection, do you see what you lack?  Or can you see all the unique gifts that you have already? Underneath all the adornments and trappings of how we appear for others, what is your authentic expression?

Sun in Scorpio 12- An Official Embassy Ball

Here there may be the desire to be socially accepted, to mix and mingle with the right crowd that can get you where you want to be in life, to be able to make connections with people from all around the world who are influential, and to be influential yourself.  Sometimes there is a Cinderella feeling apparent in this symbol…where you are always taking care of others and their messes, not fit for or welcome to ‘the ball’, wondering why love and fortune has escaped you, wishing you had a fairy godmother to get your glass-slippered foot in the door of a new life.  The truth is, everyone at the ball is hiding behind one mask/disguise or another.  The Scorpio Sun here also heightens the perceptive ability to look into others and see if they are being their authentic self or just putting on a show for others…and this ability comes from being keenly aware of when you are doing the same.  Essentially, we all want to be influential in some way.  This doesn’t have to look like the image, of course…hob-nobbing with the elite. (Etymology Nerd Side Note:  The term ‘hob-nob’ comes from ‘have or have not’). But right now, many of us are focusing on how powerless we feel to positively influence the world around us or to make better changes in our own life that make us feel empowered.  It can seem like all the important decisions that affect our lives are made by people who don’t live the same hardships…which is often true.  Both symbols have that underlying storyline of desiring more, or desiring a better life.  But it is also a reminder to embrace and appreciate your authenticity in a social climate full of distractions from what is real.  Remember that you, too, have unique gifts to offer.

Neptune in Pisces 12- An Examination of Initiates

In harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon is Neptune, the planet of Group Mystification.  Neptune’s lessons are often the kind that are shrouded behind some kind of veil, only to be revealed in stages of discovery after periods of being ‘in the dark’.  Initially confusing and disorienting, Neptune’s tests are meant to take us beyond what we know and into uncharted waters…it’s a process of gaining clarity in an unclear world.  It is those initiations into the Mysteries, where our lives must be examined to reach new levels of access and participation.  The larger description of this symbol is ‘in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested’.  Neptune, who is usually about dissolving boundaries and not so much enforcing them, acts as the Grand Master here who upholds the laws, rules, and hierarchical order as the members vow secrecy and carry out the examinations of initiates.  So it is each of our own characters that are being tested now.  And in any situation where we find ourselves being tested, scrutinized, or judged…the best option is always to try to perform at our best.  Neptune’s lesson here is ‘prove yourself’…which will help to balance the opposing ‘have and have not’ forces of this Full Moon.

Ceres in Leo 13- A Retired Sea Captain Rocking Himself on the Porch of His Cottage

In harsh aspect to all of these energies is Ceres, the asteroid of the Caregiver.  She’s been through Neptune’s stormy seas…enduring the tests of character in our youth that make us judge ourselves or be judged by others…and even being a commanding presence in adulthood who others may see as someone influential in escaping into a world of uncharted possibilities.  Tired of all that striving now…she’d much rather relax in her rocker than get back in the fray.  There is a sense of quiet, contemplative contentment here that doesn’t quite rock in unison with the dynamic waves rocking our boat.  But relaxed as the image is, Ceres’s focus here and the dynamic aspects she provides will make this ‘need to simplify and keep calm’ a pressing issue.  Ceres shows what nurtures us…and the one thing that is certain in this Neptune-influenced Full Moon is that we all need a dedicated focus on self-care.

The Venus-Uranus Opposition- Abundant Inner Potential
In this set of Sabian Symbols, the themes are more inwardly focused.  There is still the energy of aspiring to be better...but it's more about better using what we already have.  Saturn adds some playful 'workhorse' energy with harmonious aspects to this opposition.  However, Chiron's square to Saturn and inconjunct to Venus-Vesta means we won't be able to ignore some spiritual 'heavy lifting'.

Venus in Libra 26- An Eagle and a Large White Dove Turning One into the Other

This is the degree Pluto was in when I was born…which is part of my own soul story of why phoenix-like transformations are so important to me.  Venus here, though, suggests that it is important to be firm yet kind in our interactions with others.  The Eagle represents a sure mind and a strong will while the Dove represents purity of heart and a reflection of peace.  The ability to integrate these two guiding energies within is being called for at this time.  You can look at it as the balance of yang and yin, a balance between left brain and right brain, a balance between mind and heart, or a balance between strong and soft.  However you see it, this is about using both as one for the best possible outcome.  So the polarities between the oppositions at this Full Moon are best activated by their similarities rather than their contrasts.  Vesta is also conjunct Venus right now, which provides an element of spiritual dedication and focus to this Venusian Alchemy. 

Uranus in Aries 26- A Person Possessed of More Gifts Than They Can Hold

While Venus highlights one of those gifts we can cultivate for our relationships, Uranus (the planet of Group Awakening) is presenting us with all of the abundance we possess at once, as individuals.  Such is the nature of the Aries-Libra axis…we can’t just focus on our relationships with others without also giving focus to our relationship with ourselves.  This is a frenzied energy, which makes us want to do it all…not wasting any of our gifts.  A better way to activate this energy is to align our heart and mind (the dove and the eagle) to focus on one thing at a time…otherwise we accomplish little and wear ourselves out in the process.  With many choices before us, where is the directional flow of your soul leading you?

Saturn in Sagittarius 25- A Chubby Boy on a Hobbyhorse

In harmonious aspects with Venus and Uranus is Saturn, the planet of Societal Structures and Rules.  In this symbol, the young boy is engaging in imaginative play…though it suggests a ‘practice makes perfect’ element.  What starts as a hobby we do for fun may well be the vehicle which brings us to a certain mastery later in life.  Since this combination of planets is highlighting our inner talents, this may be the time to really commit to one that we’ve always enjoyed but never really buckled down upon.  Hopefully, for those using this month to put your nose to the grindstone on writing that novel for National Novel Writing Month, you can tap into this energy and really develop something concrete from what it is you love to do.  Whatever your passion, Saturn is giving us a creative opportunity now to do the work it takes to manifest.

Chiron in Pisces 25- The Purging of the Priesthood

In harsh aspects to both Saturn and Venus, though, is Chiron (the Wounded Healer).  There must be a purification process in order to re-establish a successful transformation.  What’s been exacerbating the wounds we’ve been needing to heal?  This symbol is about overcoming corrupting influences and, with Chiron’s influence, getting back on the healing path.  It may be that the deceptions that Neptune is highlighting at this full moon are holding us back from really being able to activate our own gifts.  You may be afraid you’ll be opening Pandora’s Box if you finally address the root of the problem, but it is necessary to clean this wound thoroughly before the infection spreads further.  Whatever crisis you are dealing with personally, consider that it may actually bring a necessary element of catharsis.

It seems that while one set of energies may be making us feel a bit weary of the outer shows of our culture and how we fit into it, the other set of energies is inclining us toward all that lies within…our wounds and our gifts.  However you may celebrate this weekend, or not, I wish you well on making the best of these dynamic energies.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Moon in Libra: Heightened Perspective and Community Support

New Moon in Libra:  Heightened Perspective and Community Support
Moon conjunct Sun @ 2:11pm on 10-19-17

"When the wind of change blows, some people build walls while others build windmills."
-Chinese Proverb

The Mourning Moon cycle begins with our luminaries in opposition to Uranus Retrograde in Aries.  Balance between each unique individual and the relationships in our social sphere is paramount.  And this balance is supported by Uranus’s involvement in a Grand Fire Trine with Saturn and the North Lunar Node.  The Lunar Nodes have been bringing fortunate relationships with our community for a few months already...with the South Node anchoring all that sacred creative fire into Aquarian re-connections.  This aspect pattern, with a Grand Trine and sextiles to form a diamond shape, is called a Kite.  The energy of the kite is one of manifesting the creative potential of the trines by providing opportunities from the sextiles. 

While this kite is still soaring, the Sun and Moon join in Libra to provide another sextiled anchor to the Grand Fire Trine…and more opportunities to create balance in our lives.  This aspect pattern is a beneficial one to focus on, but it’s not the only energy coming through right now.  Saturn is also at the 90 degree apex (stress point) of a T-Square pattern with the Mars-Chiron opposition.  This T-square is a heavy hitter…where limitations and hard knocks arise from woundedness, anger, stress, and even violence.  Its influence is starting to wane as Mars approaches its Libra ingress on the 22nd.  But this week, it’s what most of the world has been and will continue to be feeling like a ton of bricks.  When such a dynamic configuration of planets is pulling our focus, it can be difficult to connect to the flow of creative opportunity that the Kites hold.  So let’s take a closer look at the Sabian Symbols highlighted by the opposition in the “kite of the luminaries”.  These symbols hold clues about how best to tap into these opportunities in the month ahead.

Moon and Sun in 27 Libra: An Airplane Sails High in the Clear Sky

With the luminaries navigating us to a new cycle, a heightened perspective can be reached.  Aboard this plane is a community of different people, from different backgrounds, all on the same stretch of this journey but with different destinations once the plane lands and the moon begins waxing to fullness.  There is a clear feeling of unity with all involved, as the luminaries bring us higher and give us a bird’s eye view of the earth below.  In meditative silence while looking out our windows during takeoff, inspiration hits.  We see a bigger picture.  Our fears, our stresses, the problems that demand to be solved in our lives and in our world (so many of them at a fever pitch this year)…suddenly we can look at them objectively.  Looking outside of the box, we find the connection of it all and reveal a common thread that has been unravelling throughout the collective.  Over the intercom, the pilots play “The Mind is a bright blue sky…” and all passengers aboard this flight have a few moments of transcendent realization.   

Uranus Retrograde in 27 Aries:  Through Imagination, a Lost Opportunity is Regained

Lost opportunities happen, but occasionally they come back around (especially when they are crucial for our soul’s growth as well as our collective needs).  This New Moon presents a recurring opportunity…one that will help us through the changes ahead.  Uranus is that spark of genius that activates our imagination out of the box and aids us in realizing our ability to manifest a better outcome this time around.  You may have felt some regret lately for not having activated your full potential when you could have.  This is another chance.  Learn from the disappointment, rather than dwelling in it.  It’s nothing more than an aid to discovering what you really want and need in your life.  Often we get wrapped up in thinking of what we don’t want in our lives…thoughts that attract more heavy energies and manifestations of the same.  But at this new moon, from this vantage point we’re now blessed with, we have an opportunity to clear out what is weighing us down.  It doesn’t mean we ignore it…it means we see it differently now.  It’s an alchemical transformation happening within, if we let it.  And with a clear view, we can imagine possibilities…even miracles.  We re-connect to that Inner Child that believes in those things…and we create what we want most in our lives.

The Gift Within the Wound

It is important to note that Chiron, the Wounded Healer of the Cosmos, is being triggered into action now.  In the 26th degree of Pisces, Chiron illuminates the Sabian Symbol of “a new moon divides its influences”…which is exactly what we will see happening at this New Moon.  Some will focus on the stress of the T-Square, while others will focus on the opportunity of the Kite.  It often depends on how your natal planets are being transited…but where your focus leans is also dependent upon how open or closed off you are to embracing change.  Under Chiron’s influence, people are realizing that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects now.  And tapping into the Kite energy is more conducive to success than if we’re staying stuck in the immovable feeling of Saturn’s current, but waning, T-Square with Mars and Chiron.  If we have gotten stuck there this week, it is helpful to remember that whatever stress arose from these squares is a wake up call for the necessary changes that must be made now.

Chiron is in an inconjunct with the luminaries at this time…and along with an inconjunct aspect to the North Lunar Node, Chiron is the focus of an aspect pattern called a Yod (also known as ‘the finger of God’…which points to this Wounded Healer energy).  Together with the support of the collective (North Lunar Node) as well as our heightened consciousness of feeling (Sun and Moon), we are being called to call out our wounds together.  The ‘Me Too’ movement that began this week on social media, calling out sexual harassment and assault by speaking up about how many of us have been affected, is a manifestation of this Chiron Yod.  It is a collective healing…and the process has started in this dark moon transition.  Unfolding from that is deeper, Scorpionic, discussion (highlighted by Jupiter and then Mercury moving into this sign of transformational healing) where even those who have been perpetrators in the past are confessing “I did” and vowing to not only change but encourage the change in others. 

We are releasing what does not work for us; clearing out what impedes true healing.  All of this is well timed as we step into the Mourning Moon phase this Thursday.  While it is the month each year that we mourn losses, release the past, and break away from what no longer serves our soul’s growth…it also stands out as a climactic point of this year of active change.  The solar eclipse in August ushered in some amazing energy…and we’ve been integrating it ever since.  Now we are at the point where those of us doing this integral work become the support system for others undergoing the most difficult of transformations.  In midwifing these changes for others, we too are transformed.  Suddenly, our purpose is clear:  every one of us is a healer.  Our unique medicines are different, but we are all here to heal humanity…which is the first step in humanity being empowered to heal the world.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

P.S.  For those of you who would like an in-flight video to aid your widening perspective on this New Moon energy, my friend Dan Furst (Captain Aquarius) of “Aquarian Airlines” has some additional information for you.  He and I met 7 and a half years ago and he was staying with us while on his book tour for “Surfing Aquarius” which was during my Saturn Return in 2011.  While we have much in common as astrologers, actors, and ceremonial artists…we each put forth very different, though complimentary, viewpoints on the energies of each lunation.  World traveler that he is, he shares a very interesting perspective on what is happening on our world stage.  If you’re interested, he has a video on YouTube for this lunation called “The Libra Black Moon”.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio: Enlightenment in the Deep

Jupiter in Scorpio:  Enlightenment in the Deep
Jupiter’s Scorpio ingress @ 8:20am CDT on 10-10-17

Taking roughly a year to travel through each zodiac sign, Jupiter has finished up his year of lessons on Enlightenment in Relating (Libra) and begins a new year of lessons on Enlightenment in the Deep (Scorpio) today.  As mentioned before, Jupiter and Saturn are the middle planets between the inner and the outer planets…and they can be likened to professors of higher learning in matters of society.  The social planets, between the personal planets and the transpersonal planets, teach in very different ways.  Saturn can be serious and stern, demanding that rules be followed or you’ll face very limiting consequences.  Nose to the books, kids…and take detailed notes because everything will be on the test.  But Jupiter is expansive, jovial, and allows for his students to have more freedom of thought in a very open atmosphere.  Jupiter’s emphasis is on expanding the mind beyond what the standard teacher-student relationship allows.  He encourages experimentation, as there is more than one path toward enlightenment.

This year, we move away from experimenting in the realm of social relationships and plunge into the depths of the mysteries of Scorpio.  These lessons take us to the edge of what we are used to exploring and uncover the many secrets of what has been bubbling under the surface of our society. 

Born while Jupiter was retrograde in Scorpio 35.5 years ago, I can tell you that this influence is like always being able to carry a light in the dark.  The unexplored depths of feeling, the mysteries of the occult, the unexamined taboos of a culture, the shadowy places, the scary unknowns…with Jupiter’s influence as a Guide, one learns quickly to be fearless in such explorations…diving further in to uncover hidden gems of wisdom for the rest of the tribe.  It is optimism in the face of destruction, despair, death, and darkness…as Jupiter in Scorpio natives know that the quest for truth extends deep within the ruins. 

Deepak Chopra has a prominent Jupiter in Scorpio influence in his natal chart…and these teachings can be found throughout his books.  In “The Return of Merlin”, he writes “I was very afraid in the beginning, until Master told me that pain isn’t the truth; it’s what you have to get through in order to find the truth.” This quote is very similar to what the experience is like being taught by Jupiter in Scorpio.  Other Jupiter in Scorpio natives that exemplify the illumination of the mysterious would be David Bowie, Stephen King, and Aleister Crowley (to name a few).  Fearlessly strange, we tend to walk the edges of what society deems acceptable or ‘normal’…walking between worlds in many cases…and express what is hidden just beyond the established view of what it means to be alive.

Jupiter was last in Scorpio between October 25th, 2005 and November 24th, 2006.  We were in the aftermath of multiple natural disasters throughout the globe (two very prominent ones that were much like what we went through recently were Hurricane Katrina out of the Gulf of Mexico and the Maharashtra floods in Mumbai).  Looking back to that time can give you clues as to what we might expect in this year of Jupiter in Scorpio.  Rebirth after death and destruction is often a worldwide theme, but on a personal level…other rebirths are often happening within.  12 years ago, I was 6 months pregnant with my first child and had just moved back to Omaha to be closer to family.  This was a huge turning point in my life…transitioning from maiden to mother.  It was precisely the rebirth I needed then…though it was pretty scary for me at the time (as I was having to discard an old belief that motherhood was not for me, and accept that my younger self was in denial of my soul’s path).  While pregnant, I re-met the man I am now married to (the love of my life, though we were just friends then).  And Alyrica Rayven was born in January of 2006 (making her a Jupiter in Scorpio native just like Mama).  A few months later, Alyrica’s biological father cheated on me (we weren’t married, thank Goddess, as I was still under the impression that I was also not meant to marry…another untrue belief held by my younger self which kept me safe until I was actually ready a few years later).  And the rest of that Jupiter in Scorpio year was spent rolling in the deep of a dark depression; the saving grace of that time being my beautiful daughter.  With a focus on exploring the mysteries of motherhood though a deep connection with my baby, I was able to transform all of that heavy energy into something pure and meaningful. 

This past full moon, I was blessed to be able to learn from Juan Nunez del Prado (a teacher of the Inka traditions).  One of the things he discussed was how, in the cosmovision of the Inka, energy is not viewed as negative or positive…but as heavy or light.  In describing sending our heavy energy (hucha) to Mother Earth (Pachamama) to be transmuted to light, he said something that resonated with me as a mother.  He said we humans are like babies.  Our systems can’t tolerate and digest heavy ‘foods’ (energies).  So Pachamama eats the heavy foods we can’t and turns it into milk for us.  She purifies what we can’t process and transforms it into the sustenance we need in order to live. 

As we may be dealing even more deeply with the heavy energies of our social systems during this year, we may find ourselves needing to purify what has been eroding our life force and weighing us down for some time.  A deep healing is needed, and it begins within all of us.  As Jupiter illuminates the darkness we need to explore now, keep in mind that the goal is a necessary rebirth.

Love and Gratitude,

Felina Lune Kavi

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Full Moon in Aries: Heart's Desire in Action

Full Moon in Aries:  Heart’s Desire in Action
Moon opposite Sun @ 1:39pm CDT on 10-5-17

A couple hours before this Blood Moon reaches its peak of fullness, Venus and Mars combine their energies in a conjunction.  The inner planets of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine meet as one at 11:22am CDT.  There’s a Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage) feel to this energy…inclining us to seek that balance between our own masculine and feminine energies within.  In Virgo, the Goddess of Love acts as the Priestess and the God of War acts as the Spiritual Warrior.  The degree in which they meet is Virgo 20.  The Sabian Symbol here is “an automobile caravan”, indicating a collective effort to journey toward new horizons…following the heart (Venus) and taking initiatory action (Mars).  
Before we get into the energies of this full moon, I want to focus on this conjunction because it holds a key to being able to deal with what has gone topsy-turvy in our world (this is one of those full moons with so many energies in play that even trying to address it all would be too much of a juggling act for me right now…because I’m already feeling it all).  But this conjunction is a good focal point for personal action.  This is another chance at a new beginning in male-female relations…the start of a two year synodic cycle between these planets.  What the two energies have most in common is a theme of  ‘desire’.  Looking into what you truly desire is a good starting point for this Venus-Mars infused Full Moon.  Being able to peel away the layers of thought to reveal your true feelings is not easy for us to do.  But it is key to uncovering what you truly desire.
What is our heart’s desire?  I’m not asking for the first answer that pops into your head…or mine.  I’m not even asking for an answer.  Not because I think I know the answer already.  I don’t know anything.  I just feel everything.  
Like many of you, I grew up learning the narrative that what I feel is too much for others, or too weak, or embarrassing, or not even valid.  You come to a stage within that early experience where you close yourself off, followed by a stage of angst when you get that feeling that so much you’ve learned is false.  And then eventually, through the ups and downs of experience, you come to a place of inner knowing…your own truth.  And you are once again, as the kids say, feeling all the feels.  In the end, you may realize the ability to feel and express feelings is actually a strength.  I really hope we can all realize that anyway, no matter the ridicule we may have endured.  It’s important to understand our feelings…it’s integral to that ‘inner knowing’ that becomes our moral compass.  
Where does that knowing come from?  Not from the head…the brain…the mind.  For these larger questions we ask ourselves, we’re not going to find the answer if we think about it.  It comes from heart consciousness.  The heart is not only the first organ that forms and functions in our bodies, but it is also our most powerful transmitter of feelings.  We’re often focused on the importance of our brains…but the heart’s electrical field is 40-60 times stronger than the brain’s, with a magnetic field that is 2-4 thousand times stronger.  It is not only informing our brain, but our environment as well.  It’s torus-shaped energy field is measurable 5-8 feet around us…with the non-local field extending much farther.  So how do we make positive change in a world gone mad?  We must learn to radiate healing from our heart-center.
Venus and Mars are asking you to journey along with them to this space of resonant heart consciousness.  Leave behind resentment, disappointment, anger, sadness, and fear.  To get where you are going, you must travel light.  See where this journey takes you.

Moon in Aries 13:  “A bomb fails to explode”
So many ways this image can go.  On the world stage, any mention of bombs brings to mind North Korea…which, as a country, has been heavily aspected by the eclipses of this summer and continues to be aspected with this full moon.   But a bomb failing to explode could be good, right?  Crisis averted, for the time being?  Hope so.  On this particular axis that the luminaries are highlighting, because of proximity to certain fixed stars, it’s like flipping a coin in every situation. Prosperity or destruction?  Especially with Pluto squaring both luminaries…transformative energy is on high.  And with all other planets in play, there is a Wheel of Fortune element to it all.  The symbolism of the luminaries does suggest, though, a sense of momentary peace and protection…or even lucking out.  Unless you’re the one trying to drop a bomb, I guess…in which case your expectations might not come to fruition.  Venus and Mars would suggest that dropping love-bombs are more reliable in this cosmic climate.  What I’ve noticed so far, while trying to preemptively schedule gatherings for this moon, is that planned out preparations are not the way of this moon at all.  There is a larger story pushing for us, the characters, to be in other situations than where we thought we’d be focusing.  The plot thickens as the Author brings even the readers to an unexpected turn of events.  Gathering with community might not work out for you, or maybe it’s just me, but it’s likely because a more pressing situation will need to be defused elsewhere in your life.  Most of us were born when Eris (named after the goddess of discord) was on or near this degree of Aries.  She is so slow moving in her orbit that she’s actually still in Aries now.  She’s not all about discord of course, but she does like to drop bombs (or golden apples, as the myth goes) to shake things up.  She’s also the archetype of the powerful female rebelling against the outdated norms of patriarchal society.  My natal Eris is being activated by this full moon in Aries.  So those somewhat younger and older than 35 are likely feeling it too, to some degree.  I wish you all luck on each crisis averted at this time.

Sun in Libra 13:  Children blowing soap bubbles
This seems like a bit of a jump in themes at first, yes?  It conjures images of laughing, playing, and being filled with joy and wonder at the magic within our ordinary world.  There is also a transitory theme weaving through the opposing symbols…and one in which the bubble inevitably bursts.  There is also a protective theme at play…also momentary…of being ‘in a bubble’.  The key here, though, is to encourage that momentary instance of awe and celebration at the little joys in life…as the other energies at play may have some more heavy-hitting things in store soon enough.  It’s not a time, not yet anyway, to burst bubbles and drop bombs on others.  If anything, that would be a personal experience (having your own bubble burst, bombs dropped on you to take care of, or things not being what you wanted in general).  Count yourself lucky if you get to spend the next few days relaxing with a bubble wand in hand…and the only bombs you’re meant to defuse are tantrums from a toddler who would rather play than eat or sleep (this is a potential for me anyway, since I’ll be with my two-year old son at the time…but I’m clearly not supposed to plan ahead so we’ll see what happens).

Like I said, every planet is at play in this Full Moon dance.  If one or more is transiting your natal chart (which is likely for most of us), that will provide the main focal point of your experience of this time.  Each of the four of us in my family have multiple transits going on individually right now.  Two of which are exact with the full moon (my husband’s Venus and our son’s Uranus are both in the full moon degree).  The Venus-Mars conjunction, I feel, is the significant key to unlocking the highest vibration of this Full Moon energy though.  The Aries-Libra axis our luminaries are highlighting is a delicate balance of both Mars (Aries) and Venus (Libra) energies.  It is the axis of relationship between self and other that is being illuminated at this time.

Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi