Monday, May 14, 2012

Venus Retrograde: Relationships Redefined

Tomorrow morning, Venus in Gemini turns retrograde.  Although this happens once every 542 days, it turns retrograde in the same sign of the zodiac every 8 years.  To understand Venus Retrograde's effects more deeply and personally, think back to May and June of 2004.  How did your values and relationships to others shift during that time?  Regardless of what you may or may not remember from the last time this happened, one thing is always true about every time Venus is Retrograde...important relationships in your life are ready to be reviewed (and some may even need to be redefined or rediscovered).  Someone from your past may contact you during this transit, as Venus will likely be reconnecting you to people with whom you have unfinished business and (because she's going back through Gemini, the mercurial sign of communication) conversations that require resolution.  It's time to decide whether it's best to move on or re-invest in your relationships, but be careful not to only look at the surface of these situations.  There are things you may have missed in the recent past that will resurface as lessons and powerful insight into your own values and understanding of love.  It's best to take your time during this transit (which lasts throughout most of June) to sort through your thoughts and feelings before you make any major decisions in the areas of love and finance (as Venus rules both of these areas of relationships).
Are your relationships in line with your ideals and values?  If not, turn the bright light of investigation on yourself, first, to find out if your desires and expectations are casting others in a negative light.  It may be your own idea of love that will need to expand and mature at this time.  Any planet in retrograde will incline us to look more deeply on an inner level as that planet's energy is no longer projecting forward (and outward), but reflecting backward (and inward) at something we may not have seen or learned while it was moving along full-speed ahead.
With a lot of Gemini energy going on, it indicates that a choice is pressing to be made, and one that urges us to decide what our priorities are and what we truly value.  As Venus is so close to the fixed star of Aldeberan (integrity), this choice which is meant to transform your relationships is best decided by what will resonate with your true standards of integrity.
Just remember, whatever issues arise...don't point the finger elsewhere...the issue is internal, not external.  Everyone will have their own issues to deal with, so you might as well face the facts and look to yourself to fix whatever problem you seem to be having with others.  Passing the blame or continuously reminding others of their supposed shortcomings won't help you or them.  If they can't see (or avoid) what they need to work though with themselves, they aren't doing their part in nurturing a healthy relationship with you or others...and their wake up call will come.  But focus on yourself outward focus during a retrograde period is just asking for trouble.
The degree of the retrograde (Gemini 24) is one that suggests something we thought looked like fun while seeing others do it, but collectively we lacked the knowledge and skill to get to that point of enjoyment, at least right now.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 'children skating on ice'.  This is a metaphor for our relationships right now, one that suggests we had tried something new that got off to a rough start because we didn't know what we were doing just yet.  Perhaps we saw it come so easily to others and didn't think we would fail at our first attempt, so we weren't properly equipped for a beginner's lesson.  Keep in mind that while, for many of us, this may be referring to relationships with others...for some it could also mean a new job, a financial investment, or some other endeavor that has been occupying our time and best efforts.
This retrograde isn't pushing us to's giving us time to re-think and relearn some lessons we may have flown past by thinking they wouldn't apply to us.  Now is the time to go back and pick up some key pieces of our consciousness.  What is it you really desire?  Are your values in line with your thoughts and actions?  You may see the lessons that others are learning or need to learn, but what about yours?
This summer, Venus will eventually swing past this degree again, and if you learned your lessons from this first rocky'll surely be ready to skate alongside the more advanced ice-skaters once Venus is in forward motion again.  Don't give up on your goals, just re-evaluate them for the time being.  This inward investigation will serve you well as we approach the Venus transit across the Sun on June 5th, when all we've learned in the past 8 years from the planet of love will join again with the creative expression of the Sun to bring humanity full-circle to spread enlightened ideas of global communication.
Love and Gratitude,
Felina Lune Kavi


Peregrin said...

May of 2004 is when we moved back to Omaha. This pretty much meant that all relationships outside of core family were left by the wayside, and core family was all that remained. This didn't sit well with our son; it wasn't long before he decided that there was one relationship he was not willing to give up, and headed back. Re-evaluation, indeed. I sincerely hope that this retrograde does not bring as much upheaval.

Felina Lune Kavi said...

I hope not either. I know what you mean. Though, this is one where we learn from any mistakes made during that time period. Now, with a little more wisdom gained since then, we can more easily navigate any turbulent waters.